Active Directory Replication

I've been having some issues with sysvol not replicating and following some of the advice on the web.  Any way, whilst looking into that I just wanted to confirm the automatically generated connections are correct;

I have a single domain with one site, and two domain controllers.  

In AD sites and services, looking at NTDS settings for each DC, I have an automatically generated connection. Under DC1 its shows "From Server" as "DC2".  On DC2 its hows "From Server" as "DC1".

However, if I right-click > properties on the NTDS settings under DC1, the connection tab shows "Replicate From" as "DC2", and "Replicate To" as "DC2".

Should these be the same?

Its also the same with DC2's NTDS settings, they show replicate from and to as DC1.

Is this correct?

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ITPOLAuthor Commented:
forgot to add; I deleted both and forced the KCC to replicate and it regenerated the same connection settings.
I've not much experience in troubleshooting AD Replication, but you might like to take a look at this tool which you can install on a standard domain-joined PC as long as it has .NET v4 installed:
ITPOLAuthor Commented:
thanks. I installed the tool, but it reported that everything was OK.

to be honest, I dont know that there's even a problem there, I just cant find anything to refer to.
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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
This is by design, and you have the correct values present.
I have illustrated screenshots below of my lab.
also if you want some more info on Sites and Services I have created a 2 part HowTo on my site where i have illustrated high level concepts and how Sites and Services works


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Yes, what you are seeing is normal.  I think the "from" and "to" list would always be the same unless you have four or more DCs.  If I'm remembering correctly, a DC always wants two connections to replicate from (think it's the KCC or topogology generator which sets this up), so when you have two or three DCs it means that each DC will reference all the other DCs.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
DC's from different Sites Send and Recieve updates, as Active Direcory is a Multi-Master database

Replicate From: These are the NEW changes that are coming from the other replicating partners in different Sites where this DC has connections to.

Replicate To: These are the NEW changes that are being sent/replicate TO the other DC's in the respective sites. So both FROM and TO will ALWAYS show the same values.

This is because replication is bi-directional and changes need to be committed both ways.

Will - are you sure this is always the case?  How about when someone disables inbound replication?  Just from a logical standpoint, it seems if this were always true then there wouldn't be both a "from" and "to" display of the connections.
Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
When you are using Automatic created connections they will always be this way. In the original question he stated that he was using the KCC to create these connections so, unless you have manually modified the replicaiton it will always look like the screenshots that i illustrated above.

There are always exceptions for everything, i.e if you have a production DR AD Site where you only want to push changes to this DC specifically and not have the DR replicate back, however If you are using the KCC which is recommended and is a best practice to create the connections and do not manually modify the replication partners otherwise it will be the same.

ITPOLAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone.  as I mentioned I wasn't sure it was actually a problem, I just wanted to check.

Just highlighting the word "NEW" kick-started my brain, its been a while since i had to deal with this. :)

thanks again
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