Solaris ROOT password change

Haris Khan
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We need to change the root password in Solaris 10 server.
Is there any impact of changing the root password
Is there is best practise

Pls advice
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i found below article

To change a root password, follow these steps:

Log in as root.

Change root's password using passwd.

Do not use nispasswd.

Run chkey -p.

You must use the -p option.
The above artucle was used in a LDAP or NIS+ enviroment, where root password was not stored on the local server. If you want to change local root password, use "passwd" follow by new password should be enough. Otherwise you will get this when you run "chkey -p":

# chkey -p
Updating files publickey database.
chkey: cannot generate netname for uid 0



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