c# retrieving values from list


I have this classes:

 public class Profile //class for storing Locations and [Current] value
            private List<Location> location = new List<Location>();
            public int Current { get; set; }
            public List<Location> Location { get; set; }

        public class Location
            public int id { get; set; }
            public Single x { get; set; }
            public Single y { get; set; }
            public Single z { get; set; }
            public float Distance { get; set; }

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I am populating those two classes with following method:
public static List<Profile> ParseXml() 

            List<Profile> result = new List<Profile>();

            doc = XDocument.Load(Document);

            result = (from n in doc.Descendants("Current")
                      select new Profile()
                          Current = int.Parse(n.Attribute("Current").Value),
                          Location = (from l in n.Element("Locations").Elements("Location")
                                      select new Location()
                                          id = int.Parse(l.Attribute("id").Value),
                                          x = Single.Parse(l.Attribute("x").Value),
                                          y = Single.Parse(l.Attribute("y").Value),
                                          z = Single.Parse(l.Attribute("z").Value),
										  Distance = Single.Parse(l.Attribute("Distance").Value),

            return result;

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And now i want to do the following:

First i need to retrieve value from Profile class which is smallest yet biggest number on list that is still smaller than X value.
I have done that:

		var ProperID = list.Where(s => s.Current < 10).Max(s => s.Current);

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Now that I have ProperID value I need to retrieve value from class Location that has Min(Distance).

If question is confusing please ask away and i will try to make it more clear.

PS this is my way of handing this ... if anyone has a better more simple solution i would gladly take it.

Basically what i need is this  =>
 var ProperID = list.Where(s => s.Current < 10).Max(s => s.Current); 

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and then Min(distance) of coresponding value in class Location(it should return one value for each ProperID).

Thank you!
andy gehoxAsked:
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Instead of getting the max, order the list by that value and take the last item.
var loc = list.Where(s => s.Current < 10).OrderBy(s => s.Current).Last().Location.Min(s => s.Distance);

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You can also order first and then get the last item less than 10:
var loc = list.OrderBy(s => s.Current).Last(s => s.Current < 10).Location.Min(s => s.Distance);

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Not sure which is best.
Fernando SotoRetiredCommented:
Hi Andy;

See if this gives the solution you are looking for.

Single minDist = list.Where(s => s.Current == ProperID).Min(s => s.Location.Distance);

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