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SSIS - Reading multiple sheets from Excel files into SQL DB

I have several excel files containing multiple sheets.
I need to read the 12 sheets from each file named by each month (Jan - Dec).
The files also contains other sheets by I'm only interested in the months.
I have created a SQL DB containing a table for each month.
I have also created another table which contains the name of each months where a script task reads all the records from.
After the script task I have a for each loop which contains the data flow. I have attached some screens shots.
I cannot get the excel source to read from the object variable containing the name of the month.
I need help to configure this.
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Here are the images:
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Source has to be excel, they are typing data into a template and they are trained typing the data correctly :-)
Importing into 12 different even though the schema is the same is because then our BI department wouldn't need to change their logic.
I don't think I understand your last comment with the SELECT query.

If you have suggestion for a better solution, maybe you could create in SSIS and drop me some screen shots?

Hi Jim,
Could you please give an example of your comment: "A vastly better idea would be to write a SELECT query that contains months, then use that in the container to loop."