Cisco Router that will support 1GB internet connection

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My my network looks as follows

Cisco 3825 Router>>>>>ASA5525-X>>>>>>>Switching

I am replacing the Cisco 3825 Router, but I would like a router that will support a 1GB WAN Connection.  Yes I know the ASA5525-X only supports 650 Firewall Throughput, but I'm planning for the future and want a router that will support 1Gb.  I was looking at the Cisco ASR 1001.  What I can't tell is does this come with 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports?  Looks like just SFP's to me.  Right know my internet bandwidth is 400Mbps, so its currently an Ethernet hand off, so I need the router to be able to handle a ethernet handoff, and I will need 3 gigabit ethernet ports from the get go.  Any thoughts?
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gsmartinManager of IT
More specifically the Cisco 4451 ISR has 1Gb throughput upgradable to 2Gb.  All other models below it are not capable by default.  The next model down 4431 is the only model that can be upgradable from 500Mb to 1Gb.


Thanks guys, I'm leaning towards the 4431 as its upgradable to 1Gb.

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