Dell percent 6/I adapter error! Please help (Production Environment)

Guys I have a dell power edge t410 server. It has 6 internal physical drives that are setup as raid 6. Today when I went to reboot the server it will not boot to the OS? I did notice a few days ago in Dells OSMA that it was in degraded state? No I don't have a lot of experience with Raid? The error message saying to check for loose cables and I have double triple check all cable connections and I have reseated the Raid Card itself??!?! Can someone please help me this is a production environment..!?!
Isaias PerezLAN / PC Analyst 4Asked:
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Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
When your server indicated you were running in a degraded state, it was time to take it seriously. This usually indicates that one of the drives has failed. You can analyze the lights on the array to see if you can determine which drive is giving you an issue. The controller BIOS may also give you information on which drive is non-functional - follow the CTRL-R prompt on boot to get there. You may be lucky enough to be able to simply swap out the failing drive with a good one and let the array rebuild itself. If you are not so lucky as for all of these things to take place, you may end up rebuilding the RAID array from scratch and restoring from a good backup. Hope you have a recent one handy. One note on these controllers, write down all of the details from every page prior to making any changes. Pay close attention to what is happening on the controller while you are in the BIOS program. These controllers have been known to start to automatically initialize RAID arrays in "background" mode. This has the nasty effect of erasing your data and rendering the system unable to boot. Depending upon the value and nature of the data on this array, and the condition of your last good backup,  right now may be a great time to contact one of the data recovery labs such as OnTrack to assist you with the situation and avoid any loss of data. See for details on the controller.

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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
I've never seen these controllers "automatically initialize RAID arrays" leading to data erasure. A background init happens anytime a drive is rebuilt into the array (or forced, which can can damage if the array was online at the time), which is not data-destructive. The only time a full init would happen that would erase data is if you did a "retag" (deleted and configured the array without initialization) and forgot and checked the Initialize box.

PCS ... Boot to CTRL-R, PD MGMT screen ... what drives are listed and what is the status of each one (a picture would be ideal).
Norm DickinsonGuruCommented:
I have had that happen twice on the same model server and RAID controller, out of approximately 30 encounters I've had with them where I had to replace a drive. I believe it was a RAID 5 configuration each time. It can happen that the array begins a background initialization which erases the data on the entire array without being prompted. I cannot pinpoint the exact settings that were used as it has been months since I last saw it, but it was very real. Luckily in each case I was prepared with a working, recent backup. It has been attributed to multiple bad sectors on the array by some - and perhaps this was the reason.
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