Excel - how to take some data in one cell and have it erased, whilst leaving the rest

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hi guys,

So I have some cells in Excel which I need to modify automatically rather than manually.

As an example, there is a cell let's say A1 with the content 15.55GB (16,000,0000) . However, i want to remove from the cell 15.55GB along with the brackets removed so it just leaves us with 16,000,000 in the cell?

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If the data is in A2 for example:

Anne TroyEast Coast Manager
Often, the easiest way to do this is to choose the column, Click on Data-->Text To Columns and choose the appropriate delimiters.

If the 15.55GB is ALWAYS 15.55GB, then you could just Ctrl+H to Find it and put nothing in the Replace with box, and hit Replace all. Make sure you include any unwanted spaces.
You can use the formula I entered above into a new column, and then copy that column and paste values into the original column.


Thank you for the help people.

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