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Date Time Formattin, CSV, EXCEL, ACCESS

I have a CSV file that gives the datetime as a text cell 20150615160228000  and i need to convert it to date time in access querry.

Need to convert to 06/15/2015 16:02:28

Below is what i tried but not working.

CDate(Mid([ColumnX],5,2) & "/" & Right([ColumnX],2) & "/" & Left([ColumnX],4) & " " & Mid([ColumnX],9,2) & ":" & Mid([ColumnX],11,2) & ":" & Mid([ColumnX],13,2))

The below works when it is just the date.

Dispense Date: CDate(Mid([ColumnY],5,2) & "/" & Right([ColumnY],2) & "/" & Left([ColumnY],4))
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This is a bit simpler:

DispenseDate: CDate(Format(Left([ColumnX], 14), "@@@@\/@@\/@@ @@\:@@\:@@"))

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AHHHHHH,   I should have caught that.  Thank you!!