Updating/extending AD schema and replacing DC while application and terminal servers are offline

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Consider the following scenario:

My customer is running an instance of Small Business Server 2008 that's affected by the receive connector issue documented in MS KB 2457729 (see here).  We want to update/extend the AD schema to resolve this issue, and then migrate them away from SBS, to a new DC, Exchange server, etc.  The Hyper-V hypervisor this SBS VM lives on (Server 2008 R2 Standard with Hyper-V role installed) also runs an application server and a Terminal Server, both as separate VMs.  

Here's the crux of the issue: the hypervisor this transition will take place on, doesn't have the resources to run SBS and the new successor servers and the preexisting app and Terminal servers at the same time.  Can we extend the AD schema, and migrate to a new DC, etc, with the application and Terminal Server VMs switched off?  Or would they come back online after the migration, and freak out?
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You should be able to extend the schema with member servers being offline since none of their roles are being expanded


I figured as much.  Same thing with a DC change--replacing the SBS server with a new DC, all while those member servers are offline?  That's alright?
yes, bc the schema only touches AD roles and features.  yes, you can migrate DCs with member servers offline

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