Outlook Anywhere and ActiveSync device connectivity after migrating to new Exchange 2013 server

My customer runs SBS 2008 (with Exchange 2007), and would like to migrate to a new DC, file server, etc, along with Exchange 2013.  However, a number of this customer's employees connect to the Exchange 2007 server while they're away from the campus it physically resides at, via Outlook Anywhere (on laptops) and ActiveSync (iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets).

The URLs for the virtual directories for Exchange will be set so that all of them, internal and external, point to mail.OurDomain.org.  This will remain the same whether we have the old server or the new one.  However, when configuring both Outlook (see screenshot) and ActiveSync clients, a mail server's hostname must be specified--current users are configured to access "OldServer", but we'll be moving to "NewServer".  Once the old 2007 server is removed, and only the new 2013 server remains, will OA and ActiveSync users be able to connect to their mailboxes seamlessly, without needing to reconfigure their connection settings, or will we need to help every off-campus user redo them?  

I realize Exchange 2013 can be configured to proxy and pass requests for older Exchange servers to those servers--we will be removing the old Exchange 2007 server almost immediately, so this isn't an option.

 Outlook Anywhere sample settings
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Amit KumarCommented:
Please publish two Exchange OWA URLs, one is for Exchange 2007 and one is for Exchange 2013.

You can use existing URL for Exchange 2013 and name 2007's URL to legacy.ourdomain.com, Configure Exchange 2013 to silent redirect OWA requests, so when users are on 2007 server they will open mails from Exchanfge 2013 URL but will be redirected to 2007 Servers.

For Outlook anywhere, autodiscover will automatically fetch 2007 URL in proxy settings once outlook will start up or you may have to repair outlook profile once.

Those users are already moved on Exchange 2013 they will be able to access their mails with 2013 URL.

Be careful while installing Exchange 2013 in your env. that Exchange 2007 must be running with latest SP and RU.
AA-in-CAAuthor Commented:
That's similar, but our mailbox database is small enough that coexistence isn't necessary (in fact, it's extra work for very little reward).  In other words, our users can tolerate several hours of downtime while their mailboxes are moved to the new Exchange 2013 server--there's no need for a proxy arrangement.

My concern is what happens after that.  Once all mailboxes have been moved to Exchange 2013, to connect successfully will Outlook users need to reconfigure their mail profiles (change the server name from OldServer.OurDomain.org to NewServer.OurDomain.org), provided the virtual directory URLs won't change?  Or is it enough for them to quit and relaunch Outlook?

What about users connecting via ActiveSync, with their mobile phones and tablets?  MS Partner support says ActiveSync users will have to redo their device settings--there's no migration process.
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Amit KumarCommented:
If you are keeping same URLs then there is possibility user won't have any issue while opening Outlook, but depends on situations. It also may create issue so only one work around is there to repair outlook profile once it will take few minutes and user will not have to re-configure Outlook profile.
AA-in-CAAuthor Commented:
When you say a repair may be necessary, are you referring to MS KB 2934750?  See here.  Or are there other issues you're referring to?
Amit KumarCommented:
Yes it is sought of article.
AA-in-CAAuthor Commented:
Selected my own comment because expert referenced "situations" and "possibilities" without enumerating what those might be.  I cited an MS KB article, provided by MS Partner Support, which references one of the scenarios the expert was alluding to.
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