What is the process to review a data model when the reporting requirements are not clear

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I have been asked to review a data model but the requirements for reporting on top of that are not clear. What is the best strategy to review this kind of model ?

Also what questions should I ask back from the data modeler to ensure that I have covered all the grounds for this scenario

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As long as the model is properly normalized, I'm not sure you need to know the reporting requirements ahead of time.

I would review it for proper normalization.
. . . the requirements for reporting on top of that are not clear.
What? How can anybody even try and build even the logical (business) model let alone the data-model without clearly defining the requirements?
Seems that project is bound to fail.
Do you even know the purpose or expected goal they want to achieve?
Normalized or not, the model eventually will be implemented as a schema which must reflect a purpose: will the resulting DB model be for support of analytical or transactional data?
You see what I mean?.
I think this link will provide you with some fundamental techniques on reviewing data models:  The 10-Minute Data Model Review

Good Luck!

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