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ok, I need to setup what amounts to time sheets for about 20 employees.  The idea is each employee has a folder on the network only they & the admin have permissions to.  Within that folder will be an excel file they will update to essentially enter their hours worked.  The supervisor wants to see a summary of all workbooks in a single master workbook they can open, view, print, etc.  

So basically i need separate workbooks at the powers that be do not want employee 1 being able to see employee 2's workbook.  The only way I know of accomplishing this is with domain permissions.

As I think a loud... Is it possible to have a single workbook with individual worksheets for each of the 20 employees & allow employees access to only their sheet while at the same time have a mastersheet which summarizes them all?

I am open to suggestions & appreciate your help.
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In excel press F1 and  type 'protect worksheet' go to share workbook

you can also protect workbook and sheets

you can link multiple xls work books by the xls file name sheetname and column values


If you have all the data in the same xls and have different protected sheets you can compile all of them in
the main sheet
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All you need is for the compilation excel file to reference the other workbooks and the user running excel to have read permission to those 20 other workbooks.  So give the supervisor read access to those network locations then you can build a 'master' excel file that reads data from the other ones.
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