Asterisk syntax errors

I'm using asterisk 13 for a standalone voicemail.  It's currently producing the following errors:
Checking voicemailmain:

 WARNING[12549][C-00000067]: ast_expr2.fl:470 ast_yyerror: ast_yyerror():  syntax error: syntax error, unexpected '<token>', expecting $end; Input:
""44745XXXXXXX"<sip:447458XXXXXX@;user=phone>" != ""
[Jun 23 21:12:14] WARNING[12549][C-00000067]: ast_expr2.fl:474 ast_yyerror: If you have questions, please refer to

receiving voicemail which has been redirected:

WARNING[13094][C-00000069]: ast_expr2.fl:470 ast_yyerror: ast_yyerror():  syntax error: syntax error, unexpected '<token>', expecting $end; Input:
"<sip:447458XXXXXX@>;reason="unconditional";privacy="full"" != ""
[Jun 23 21:22:36] WARNING[13094][C-00000069]: ast_expr2.fl:474 ast_yyerror: If you have questions, please refer to

My dialplan:

exten => 44745XXXXXXX,1,NoOp(Checking for Diversion Headers)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n(diversioncheck),GotoIf($["${SIP_HEADER(Diversion)}" != ""]?diversion:paicheck)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n(diversion),Set(DIVERSION=${SIP_HEADER(Diversion)})
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,Set(temp=${CUT(DIVERSION,\:,2)})
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,Set(CID=${CUT(temp,\@,1)})
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,GotoIf($[${VM_INFO(${CID},exists)} = 0]?paicheck)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,VoiceMail(${CID},u)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,Hangup()
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,NoOp(Checking for PAI Headers)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n(paicheck),GotoIf($["${SIP_HEADER(P-Asserted-Identity)}" != ""]?pai:usecid)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n(pai),Set(PAI=${SIP_HEADER(P-Asserted-Identity)})
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,Set(temp=${CUT(PAI,\:,2)})
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,Set(CID=${CUT(temp,\@,1)})
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,GotoIf($[${VM_INFO(${CID},exists)} = 0]?usecid)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,VoiceMailMain(${CID},s)
exten => 44745XXXXXXX,n,Hangup()
exten => 447458800176,n(usecid),NoOp(Using CallerID to see if the callerid matches a mailbox)
exten => 447458800176,n,ExecIf($[${VM_INFO(${CID},exists)} = 1]?VoiceMailMain(${CID},s}))
exten => 447458800176,n,NoOp(all else fails just prompt for a mailbox number and pin)
exten => 447458800176,n,VoiceMailMain()
exten => 447458800176,n,Hangup()

The dialplan appears to be working, but I'd like to identify the cause of the errors and clearly avoid them.

TIA for any help.
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José MéndezCommented:
When exactly are these errors being generated?
doddeers668Author Commented:
They're generated at the beginning of the call, before the voicemail voice prompts begin.
doddeers668Author Commented:
Further information:

When calls are directed to voicemail, there are no errors.

The errors are only created when calls are directed to voicemailmain.

Any ideas?
José MéndezCommented:
Sounds like it could be an issue with the software in charge of generating the configuration files:

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doddeers668Author Commented:
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