what is the easy way to save word files to SharePoint 2013

Dear Experts,

What is the best and easy way to save MS word files to SharePoint 2013.
Instead of providing manually SharePoint location every time to save their word file we would like to give them easy and short location like my document or drive. Please advice
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You can map a network drive or a network place to a Sharepoint library

Suppose I have a document library located at:  http://my.sharepoint.com/Lists/Document%20Library

I can map a drive or network path by replacing / with \ and %20 with a space

\\my.sharepoint.com\Lists\Document Library

Further suppose that my web site does not have port 80 open and that it is an httpS site only

we can simply add the 443 directive to the domain in the dnc.

\\my.sharepoint.com@ssl:443\Lists\Document Library

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tabreedAuthor Commented:
some of the users are unable to access the map drive since they have read only permission.
Please advice how can I allow them to access the map drive
If your users have limited rights to the computer, that is a group policy issue, not a sharepoint issue.  

I would recommend you use group policy to create a network place or map a drive to the document library for these users.
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tabreedAuthor Commented:
those who has full access on SharePoint they are able to access the map drive but those who has read only access on SharePoint they couldn't able to access the Map drive
I'm confused...

You want to SAVE documents to SharePoint, but your users have 'read-only' access to SharePoint?

I'm afraid the level of assistance required is beyond the scope of this forum.
tabreedAuthor Commented:
Sorry for that, since we have created the map drives for department level, the read only access users are not able to view the maped libraries files please advice.
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
You can add links to the shared documents folder of a sharepoint site like this:

- open sharepoint site and navigate to documents
- select library from the menu bar
- select open with explorer

You are now viewing the contents of that library in the windows explorer, next:

- drag down the folder icon (just left of the address line in windows explorer) down to favorites
- click the favorite to go to that libraries' document

You can use that favorite from within office applications, using file-save as-computer-browse (and select the favorite)
- rename the favorite if needed
tabreedAuthor Commented:
Thanks, but issue is that contribute & read only access users do not have option to select open with Explorer.

how can I enable the open with Explorer option for everyone in SharePoint please advice

Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
Could just be an access rights issue. Can you verify if you created a favorite that they can open it?

Create a favorite, copy it to some shared location and test with one of your users.
tabreedAuthor Commented:
I have tested with full access users, I can able to add favorites but i am not able to open from favorites until i login to the SharePoint from IE
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
>>  i am not able to open from favorites until i login to the SharePoint from IE
This means that you have no single sign on implemented or that your saved credentials are not stored.

So to answer your question (we would like to give them easy and short location like my document or drive): you can do this using the favorites suggestion I made, that is working for you.

The access rights for the users with limited rights is really another question that you need to think about what you want.
tabreedAuthor Commented:
That was worked as previous expert advice. now I got stuck with open with Explorer issue

Please advcie
Gerwin Jansen, EE MVETopic Advisor Commented:
>>That was worked as previous expert advice. now I got stuck with open with Explorer issue
It is an access rights issue, nothing more I can advise there.
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