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TFS 2012 Checkin on Server

I am using TFS 2012. Developers are using and can check in their changes. However right now once they check it in they can't see if...meaning...if they go to the test site their changes are not there. The changes are on the server however they are waiting for me to go in and get those changes. So I have to go into the server and do a get latest to make the changes show up on the test site. It even does it to me when I make changes on my local and check into the test site. The only time I don't have to do this is if I make the changes directly in the test VS. I don't want to have to go in and do this.
I want it to check in and make the latest available when anyone checks in changes.
I have tried changing between workspace and not workspace. I have also give permissions.
I did not have this problem on previous versions.

What am I missing?
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I need more detail.  For example:

What does "test site" mean?
How are you using TFS (command line, Windows Explorer, Visual Studio?
A few select screen shots, that don't show sensitive information, might help
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Test site is a test website.
I have a test development server. It has all 'test' applications and websites. It has Visual Studio 2012 with Team Foundation Server 2012. Developers, including myself, work locally putting changes on the test server where it is tested by other individuals (tested as in using as a normal user would to check for functionality, etc.; I am not running the test options within VS)
I am using TFS through VS (Source Control Explorer mostly). I have Team Explorer also.

I am not sure if screen shots will help or what screen shots you would want.
Basically I make changes locally, I check them in (they are going to the test server), I go to the test website (where I just put these changes), they are not there...I have to logon to the server, go to either source control explorer or I can even go to the folder and right click, either way, I have to 'Get Latest'. Once I do that then the latest checked in changes are available and can be seen.
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TFS is on the test server so yes it has a connection, it is the connection. I was trying to set it so that the TFS repository was the test sites. IIS maps to the TFS folder for the website. Is there not a way to bypass repository? I was wondering if this had anything to do with the new way of workspaces and such in this version.

Any thoughts on creating a batch file?
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I will take a look and see what I come up with.
This gave me enough of an answer. Basically looks like I will need to create a batch file to do what I need however have not had the time to do it. I am just going in and doing the get latest manually right now.