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External Hard Drive Dock Does Not Turn Hard Drive Off


I have an external hard drive dock that is USB3.

When i turn my computer off, the drive does not turn off. Keeps spinning hours later.

Any thoughts?
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Joe Winograd
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That's probably because your computer has an "Always On USB" feature, meaning it is always supplying power to the USB port(s), so they are always on. Computers offering that feature usually have a power manager applet that allows you to enable/disable this feature. Look for it in a Program Group with your computer manufacturer's name or in Control Panel. Regards, Joe
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Speaking of Lenovo that John mentioned, here's an interesting thread about it at the Lenovo forums:

Also, if you're having any problems with the Lenovo Power Manager, you may download the latest version for W7 from here:

It was very recently released — 11-May-2015. Regards, Joe
You can also try moving to a black USB connector.
@Computer Guy - Thanks. I hope selecting the proper USB port helped.