SQL - Comparing the value returned by a Select against a Parameter in a Store Procedure

IN the Store Procedure below Im trying to compare the value returned by the Select statement against the parameter @SalesRepFullName.  I am always getting a  'NotMatch'   even when the value of the  parameter passed is the same as what the Select should be returning.  Can someone let me know what am I missing?   THanks

ALTER procedure [LFO].[testSP]
@SalesRepFullName varchar(100),          
@ContractNr nvarchar(50),
@StatusFlag varchar(4000) OUT
    DECLARE @FullName varchar(100);
    SELECT @FullName = LTRIM(RTRIM([dbo].Account.SalesRepFullName))      
        FROM [dbo].Account
        WHERE [dbo].Account.ContractNr = @ContractNr
      IF @FullName = LTRIM(RTRIM(@SalesRepFullName))              
             select @StatusFlag = 'Match'  
           select @StatusFlag = 'NotMatch'  
END TRY          
BEGIN CATCH            
 select @StatusFlag = ERROR_MESSAGE()      
END CATCH          
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dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantCommented:
I'm curious whether the ContractNr/SalesRepFullName are both matching. Taking it from trying to match the SalesrepFullName, are you able to return anything if you run this query in the proc?

SELECT LTRIM(RTRIM(Account.SalesRepFullName)),
       @ContractNr AS ParmContractNr
FROM   Account
WHERE  LTRIM(RTRIM(Account.SalesRepFullName)) = LTRIM(RTRIM(@SalesRepFullName)

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chicho12Author Commented:
yes, it returned values.

i just added this line below in the ELSE section and its updating the expected row.  So its finding the record but some how the comparison of values is never returning true.
I am testing the Stored pROcedure in SQL server management.

Update [dbo].Account set SalesRepFullName =LTRIM(RTRIM(@SalesRepFullName)) ,UpdatedOn = getdate() where ContractNr = @ContractNr
dsackerContract ERP Admin/ConsultantCommented:
Did the contract numbers match?

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chicho12Author Commented:
You were right the contract had a character a the end that didnt see before.  THanks for the help!!
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