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I am trying to build a PHP and MySQL based web application which would help employees submit their timesheets and shift schedules. The employees will also be able to submit their leaves through this application which will be approved by the respective Team Leads/Managers. Through this application the admin users like Team Lead/HR will be viewing the timesheets submitted by the employees. The admin users will also be able to define the shift schedules for the employees for the upcoming weeks.

The timesheet & shift schedules will be submitted for each week separately.

Kindly help me with providing your inputs on with some ideas about the setting up the client interface and the database structure. If any similar application reference can be provided that will be more helpful.

This is a basic overview of the application. Kindly let me know if any more information is required.
Vipin KumarSr. Network EngineerAsked:
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:
hmm, there are many products in the wild. Even free ones. Just bing for it.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Any company that processes payroll has this technology already.  You can get a copy of Quickbooks to learn how the user interface works.  If you're running a business and want payroll services, ADP is the largest provider in the USA.  There are others (Paychex, Intuit, Fieldglass, etc) and any of them can provide a full-featured solution immediately at low cost.  Many banks offer this service for their business clients, with comprehensive integration of taxation and legal compliance software.
Vipin KumarSr. Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
@Ray... I wanted to build that application for my organization by myself as it would help me in my appraisal.. ;) Can you share some inputs so that i can achieve it...
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ste5anSenior DeveloperCommented:

Step 1: Collect the requirements and user stories (what ever development model you prefer).
Step 2: Order and prioritize them.
Mark BradyPrincipal Data EngineerCommented:
This is how I would approach the same task.

1: Take some time to plan your requirements. Start a technical overview doc and list the purpose of your project, any expectations you have and features you require.

2: Organize the above into a priority order. Once you know what you will need I would start with a basic API that does nothing but connect to your database. Gradually add in one table at a time (as you write the code to access it) and test it as you go.  I would write a Database class that is able to connect to your DB and do queries (Don't forget to sanitize ALL data no matter if it is sourced internally or externally). I would create a Log class that you can use anywhere in your api for logging information and errors.

3: Develop it on a local server (xampp or wamp server). It will save you upload time and keep your files secure while in development.

4: As all the pieces come together plan a full test. Tests should be planned in advance and put in writing. What you want to achieve and the results you expect. Tail any relevant logs while you are testing the site so you can catch errors quickly.
While debugging you should dump all data being sent to the database into logs so you can see what you are sending. I also log exact queries.

5: Have other people test your application once you have finished testing it. Have them write down things they liked, disliked and things that did not work (believe me even if you fully test it, someone else WILL be able to break it).

That is my general plan when it comes to developing an application from the ground up.

If you run across something you have difficulty in getting to work, post it in here and you will get the answer (many answers but you choose whichever suits you).

Good Luck

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F PCommented:
Take a look at Odoo ( https://www.odoo.com/ ) or even something like ERPnext ( https://erpnext.com/ ).

They're free if you use your own hosting and are very inclusive no matter which direction you want to go. I recommend just setting up a free AWS Bitnami app and have a full install up and working in 10 minutes and free forever.
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