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Problem with Windows 8.1 Apps


I have the following problem on one of our notebooks.

Windows 8 Apps are minimizing automatically when starting, the icon remains in the taskbar, but when you click on it it shows the start screen of the app for a second and minimizing again.

The only apps which are working at the moment are the InternetExplorer and Photos, other apps like Reader are not working.

The problem has started two weeks ago, the apps have worked earlier without any problem.

There are no changes in GPO's in the time frame the problem occurs for the first time and it works well for other Win 8.1 computers. Also the computers are fresh installed with Windows 8.1 and not upgraded from 8.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Open up task manager click more details app history on top bar double click on the app that wish to open and It should open normally. After that you should be able to open apps from desktop.
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Use system restore to return back to the time it was still working.
See if it works for another user.
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@McKnife - it does not work for another user, already tried this

@Rahul Misra - thanks I will try this

@rindi - not an option in this case, I want to know what causes the problem

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@Rahul Misra, thanks, that was the solution, works perfect for me.

But you should also set the file system permissions  - see below. Because in some cases the problem also occurs when this permissions are wrong.

1) Go to program files (make sure "show hidden folders and files is on")
2) Right click on windowsapps and go to properties-> security tab->advanced
3)Click on continue to view the permissions of object
4) For the owner it will show TrustedInstaller, click on change
5) A new window will open->select object types->select groups and then click on ok.
6)In the space below "Enter the object Name", type ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES
7) Next press ok, it will take some time for the owner to change.
8) Last step is to restart your system.