Local vs Cloud AntiSpam


I'm evaluating a possibility of moving away from anti-spam solution installed directly on my email server to the cloud based.
Here are some of the reasons:

First and foremost - I have mixed experience with what I'm using now - GFI MAILESSENTIALS.
It has a little bit less of a detection rate than I would like to have. It took me ages to get it to the point where is usable
but still too many spam is getting to my inboxes.
It probably has a potential to be much more effective - it's just support I'm getting is not good enough.
There are other issues - like ocassional situations where it's using
too much of the server resources. Support is very uneven - sometimes I speak to excellent specialists, sometimes it's like talking
to someone who doesnt have a clue. Last but not least - I expect anti-spam product to be supported 24/7, not 24/5.

Other reasons would include greatly reducing traffic coming to my email server.

In terms of features - GFI software is absolutelly great. It has so many features, great interface, and the level of
granularity in setting rules if required.

So far I tried these 2 cloud based solutions:


To be honest, I'm quite dissapointed so far. There is no way they can match GFI's feature set.
Going with them, I feel it would be like a step backward.
I would end up paying roughly the same amount of money for much less features.

I would like to ask you guys what is your experience ? Do you prefer on-site anti-spam or
maybe you know some great cloud based one. I'm especially interested to hear from
anyone who moved from GFI to a cloud service.

FYI, as it maybe important, I have roughly 200 mailboxes.
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Tony GiangrecoCommented:
I've been a GFI partner & client for ten years and started with it was Katharion.  In that time, I've always used their Mail Essentials Online which filters the email on their server and then sends clean email to my email server. I updated by MX records so all email is forwarded to them and restrict all incoming email so I only accept email from them.

That has worked very well. I have my company's email server and most of my clients on that same service. This takes a load off your server by making their server take the load of spam and regular mail for you.

Hope this helps!

This isn't an answer to your question as such, but for what it's worth, I have been looking at moving clients back from cloud based services to on site filtering, mainly due to cost and effectiveness.

One thing that bugs me (clients) is that some cloud based services seem to have no option to be able to review *all* blocked emails.  Their response is that if it is definitely spam, then there is no need, but sometimes clients do not get an expected email, and we have no way to be sure if it was received and blocked or not.

If we move to on-site, then we are looking at supplying a Linux based server (actually an old PC with two NICs) that we configure to receive incoming mail, filter, and pass on to their mail server (Exchange or whatever) with, optionally, all spam being sent to another mailbox so that it can be easily reviewed by the business.  The box would be free (not worth anything anyway), and the software would be free.  We'd have a standard config, and allow the business to add their own rule (or we can do it for them) and back them up daily.  If it dies, we would just hot swap in a new machine (maybe even have it onsite already since it will have no value anyway).

As I said, not an answer to your query, but just noting.


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tp-it-teamAuthor Commented:
Interesting view Alan, thanks for that.
I'm still hoping there will be someone here who moved from GFI MailEssentials to cloud.
I'm not saying I will do it for sure, but thats my plan for now.
Problem is, everything I found so far costs at least as much as GFI (usually much more) and never offers 100% of it's functionality.
Yep - That's certainly a factor in looking at moving the other way.

My current thinking is that we would use SpamAssassin or go through MailScanner which uses SpamAssassin with SendMail, PostFix, or Exim as the MTA.

If and when I get there, I'll likely post a request here on EE asking for comments on our thinking / setup, and see what others have to say.

Tony GiangrecoCommented:
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