Apple Mac Book Pro retina 2015 -Windows 7 x64 Bootcamp


I have just bought a few 2015 MBP retina to use as windows boxes, we have a lot already and find nothing touches Apple laptops for build/performance/value and service.

Apple have just dropped support for W7, bootcamp is now W8 only.

I am sure this is a UEFI <> Bios thing.

I need W7 one these machines, I have tried various dodges, all with no result.

Does anyone know how to do this?

I DO NOT want VMs, it must be Native, I do not want advise on another laptop, the users are very happy with the MBP.

Ideally I want to loose OSx completely, so I guess I need to make an ISO for W7 that supports UEFI boot and has at least the USB 3.0 drivers slipstreamed into it (I believe the Keyboard and mouse are connected to a Intel USB 3.0 host and as such if the driver isn't available on boot you won't be loading it without and HIDs, they is no network port but I guess it is possible to pre-set a wireless network and use VNC/RDC for final config...

Any ideas on how to do this much appreciated...
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You should be able to boot and install from a previously made Windows 7 image from an older Bootcamp Assistant.  Have you tried that yet?

Why buy Apple if you want Windows.  The keyboard's all wrong and missing several important keys.  I'm using an external keyboard and monitor now.
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
The problem is and always be getting drivers that support the operating system you want. One thing you may want to consider is the business class products from lenovo, dell, hp they are a major step above the consumer class devices.  I personally don't understand the reluctance to go from windows 7 to windows 8.1 especially with windows 10 on the horizon.  Would you still run a core 2 duo 1024x768 laptop?
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Apple has bootcamp drivers for their macs.

I would skip Windows 8 and go to Windows 10.  It's similar to skipping Vista and going with 7.
Scorpio1971Author Commented:

Win 7 is target platform...

Drivers, not an issue.

Bootloader, MASSIVE issue, thanks but you obviously haven't dabbled with W7 in this environment, the parameters are very defined W7 x64 to MBP 2015, other options couldn't has less interest...
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
if the drive is GPT and your installation media is not EFI then simply shift-f10 bring up diskpart
list drive
sel drive X
refresh the drive selector and then continue.
David AndersTechnician Commented:
Clone an existing working drive?
Have you just tried installing Windows 8 or 10, then loading the USB with Windows 7 and running the installer?
Scorpio1971Author Commented:
It is a GPT drive, but the Win 7 installer wont boot on that Mac.

I have done all the obvious like install W8, dual boot W7 (thinking as W8 arrived first it would sort my boot loader issues) , run BCA and then use WinClone to drop a Win7 (MBP 2014 with MBP 2015 driver installed) image in over Thunder bolt in Target mode, both have the same result, the W7 image doesn't boot, like not even a splash screen.

@ serial Band, I buy MBP because they are such good value and the Apple service is amazing, as for missing keys, with the Apple touch pad you can get away with a lot....

If is just a Pain that W8 sucks and W10 isn't really properly cooked yet...
I just got a newer Mac today.  I've tried the following and I don't think you can install Windows 7 on the new laptops.  You're just likely going to have to suck it up and install either Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 preview on it.

I created bootable Windows 10 USB and copied Windows 7 files to it.  I renamed the Windows 10 OS files and folders, but kept the EFI and boot section.  Then I copied the Windows 7 OS files onto the Windows 10 USB.

Basically, I renamed one file and 2 folders.
AutoUnattend Win10.xml
sources Win10
support Win10

Then copied the Windows 7 files to the USB from the other USB

This allows me to switch installers by renaming them.  By running Bootcamp Assistant with the newer laptop, I can place the latest boot loader and drivers on the USB so that it can boot on the newest laptop.

It just freezes and blanks out upon booting the Windows 7 installer.  It does boot and the USB is detected with the newer drivers, but the installer just won't run.  I don't believe Windows 7 can run on the newer hardware.

It boots and installs Windows 10 just fine.  I've tried this USB on an older mac, and both Windows 7 and Windows 10 installers work.  I even made sure Windows 7 installed.  I've also just tried it on an older Windows Laptop that I was planning to install, and I can install Windows 7.  That means the installer works just fine.  This suggests that the new Macbook Pro just can't run Windows 7 at all.
I somewhat disagree about the value.  People that cheap out will definitely get poorer service.

I rather adjust the setup to get different features than those available from Apple.  If you paid around the same price as a Mac and got a proper corporate laptop, not a cheap consumer one, you'd have equivalent, or even better, amazing service and product quality.

I've supported scores of corporate, not consumer, laptops from HP and IBM previously, and they had top notch service, better than Apple.  They'll ship a free box, with full next day shipping, to send out the laptops for repair with a one business week, or less, turn around.  With Apple, you set up an appointment a week later to drive to an Apple store to wait for them to diagnose what you've already diagnosed, then drop off the laptop.  They also with the one week turn around.  Then you drive back to the Apple store to pick it up.  That's a much longer total turn around with time wasted driving and finding parking in a crowded hipster shopping district.  It works well for a individual consumer, but it's not ideal for a corporation.

If you've only ever dealt with consumer level products, then Apple does seem more amazing.  If you ever dealt with higher end, corporate level products, then Apple seems lacking.  It's definitely great for consumers, just not so great for corporate sysadmins.

The touch pad is also a crutch for not being able to do things properly on the keyboard, because you have to do additional finger gymnastics to get some combinations to work.  The missing right control key is a major pain too for someone that touch types with Linux and Windows.  It was designed for kids and non-tech users for playing videos, not for work.
Scorpio1971Author Commented:
Ok, having tried various convoluted solutions (including dropping a VM to  live bootcamp partition) I did what the lazy do whent eh going gets tough, I quit, hard loaded W8.1 (no OSx) with Stardock Start 8 and it is fine, TBH, I think the W7 thing is video driver issue, but I ran out of time.

As for HP/IBM yes they make some nice laptops, but they don't offer server-grade backup (one on my Proliants goes down, I have a man to make it happy again in 4 hours) and TBH the mac looks nicer.

Every time I have had a prob with a Mac I have got a Genius Bar appointment that day and walked out with the problem resolved...

Thanks for the input but I have had to give up on this one...
Well, even if you manage to shoehorn Windows 7 into Bootcamp on that macbook, it's not supported.  I don't think you should even try it if you could manage to hack it.

I did describe how to create a multiboot USB to install different versions of Windows without having to fully recreate the USB.  You only need to create it with the latest bootcamp installer and a newer Windows initially, and you can copy the other versions Windows folders to it.  It will work on various platforms.  You just can't install Windows 7 on the newer Macs without additional effort.

I never said that Apple wasn't good customer service.  They are.  They're ideal for a consumer, not for big business.  Maybe it works for you.  That's great.  They are definitely sleeker and hip.  I don't deny that.  I just pointed out that other companies have great service too, if you pay for an equivalent quality device instead of a low quality consumer model.

Apple's just not great for someone that supports scores of laptops, hundreds of desktops, and scores of servers.  I rather just call, wait for the free shipping box in the morning, have Fedex or UPS pick it up later the same day, then have it returned to me in under a week, with no driving or waiting at the crowded Apple store.

I was talking laptops, and you switched to talking about Proliants.  Servers are not laptops.  Backup is also a user issue that's separate from the hardware itself.  Don't conflate them.  Apple doesn't offer server grade backup either, nor do they offer rackmount servers anymore.

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Scorpio1971Author Commented:

I am guessing you are not from the Uk.

My comment was meant to say "if HP offered a laptop service like they do for servers....

By backup, I meant service support back-up, not data resilience!!!!!

Apple server were a  joke....

I was in no way dis'ing your input, just proffering my POV.

As for un-supported solutions, welcome to my life, I've just crowbarred an AMD W9100 into a HP 380 G8, if it is supported it could well be less fun...

Thanks again for your input, and sorry for the language barrier!

The networks I support with a lot of laptops (I define as 20+) have spare in the server room, if I have a prob I ghost the HDD and give the user the spare (even that is a lie, I have someone else do it...)
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