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Backup HA SQL 2014 Database and logs to local disk

The title says it all :-)  I need to back up an ha sql server 2014 db and logs to a local disk on a daily basis.

I am not an sql expert so clear directions are helpful.

Thank You
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A little background info...apologies in advance for the wall of text

There are essentially 2 different recovery models for SQL Server (There is a third BULK-LOGGED but it is generally not used except for short periods of time), SIMPLE and FULL.  With FULL recovery every transaction is logged to the log file (*.ldf) and stays there until either a full or transaction backup is run.  With SIMPLE recovery the transaction is logged to the log file but as soon as it is committed to the database that space is freed up so the log file never really gets very big and no transaction log backup is necessary or even possible.

The primary reason to opt for FULL over SIMPLE is if you need a more granular restore option.  Typically with a database in FULL recovery you would perform a full backup say once a week, a differential backup daily, and transaction log backups every 15-60 minutes (depending on how active your database is).  This would allow you to restore the database to any transaction log backup in the last week or even longer depending on how much history you want to keep.

The reason I dropped all this on you is that if you only need daily backups of your database then you should probably be in SIMPLE recovery model and a transaction log backup is no longer necessary.  Just set up a weekly full backup and daily differentials.

To answer your question more directly, below is a link to a video tutorial on how to set up a maintenance plan.
The title says it all
I think that is a very generic title and you may have different answers.

So, please clarify the following:
1 - What is your HA solution/configuration? It's a Clustered Instance? Are you using AlwaysOn?
2 - What is your RTO and RPO?
3 - Which SQL Server Edition that you're using?
4 - Which backup solution are you're using?
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It is ha cluster
what is RTO and RPO?
I want backup to local disk on either or both of the hypervsiors hosting the vms that are cluster.  Right now the logs and database reside on an iscsi disk that both cluster nodes have access to.
RPO = Recovery Point Objective - When a crash happens what quantity of data is allowed to be lost (none, last minute, last hour, last day, ...)?
RTO - Recovery Time Objective  - How much time is allowed for the service to be unavailable when a crash happens, i.e. how much time do you have to recover a service after a crash?

With Edition I'm asking if is Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition? In Enterprise Edition you have more features that can be helpful here.

So, you're not using  a 3rd party backup system. Only the SQL Server native backup, right?
I believe I can have no loss as it support our production vmm and wap.

RPO = I think if I recover within a day it should be fine.
RTO= an hour

no third party
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