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Hello Experts,

My requirement is to restrict Outlook anywhere(OA) from Personal PC's. we have Exchange 2010 SP3. As of now we haven'r published the OA to internet.
1. How to we restrict (by native or any Third party solution) personal PC's or any other devices.
2. If we can restrict only to Domain joined PC's, how we can achieve it?
Any suggestions are appreciated
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You don't mention your versions.

You should look at the ADFS / WAP / Device Registration / Workplace join solution included in Server 2012R2.

This allows you to identify devices, and tailor access based on multiple factors.

This article explains how it works for Office365, but it is the same principal for your own domain

Here is one on how to restrict to an OU

These use ADFS 2.0, It is all easier with ADFS 3.0


Thank you for the valuable suggestions.
Windows 2008 R2. Exchange version as 2010 SP3 RU7 Enterprise. All are multi role servers.
You should be OK with that.


But you should look for a Microsoft partner to help you, it will save you a lot of time.


Thanks for sharing the information!

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