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sql server query and database tuning

We have hired contractors for database tuning and query tuning and it has been a big disappoint. Even I know more than those people. I'm finding out that people say they know how to do something just to get the work so they can learn how to do something on your dime.

Anyway, enough rants.

I would like recommendations of a contractor who actually does query tuning and database tuning for a living. Every day. Not just once in a while. I want this to be their specialty. I want someone who will do more than to just check if everything is indexed. I can and did do that. They need to know the best method to speed up a big query. I've tried every possible scenario that I know about and have it as fast as I can make it, but it needs to be faster.

Any recommendations for a contractor? We're on sql server 2012.

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Starr Duskk

8/22/2022 - Mon
Anoo S Pillai

Hmm .. That happens.

Do you have only one big query ?  If so could you please post the actual execution plan ( BTW, how much it takes now and what is your expectation ) ?
Starr Duskk

I am not looking to have a problem solved on here, I am looking for a contractor recommendation for a database tuner. I have posted that query here numerous times and tried everything. I am done trying and want an expert who can tune the entire database, as well as that query.

Please recommend someone or a place that does this for a living if you can.

Vitor Montalvão

Here in EE some Experts as the Hire Me option enabled in their profile. You may want to find those ones that lives near you and try to contact them.
LinkedIn also might be a good place to search for contractors.
As of course, put an advertise in job websites.
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.
Scott Pletcher

The initial stages of tuning involve getting the best clustered index on each table.  To do this, you have to consider, at a dead minimum, index missing stats and index usage stats.  As you speak to contractors, if they don't have that at the top of their "to do" list on tuning, I'd move on to others :-).
Starr Duskk

I thought perhaps by posting here, someone who is a contractor might contact me, unless someone could recommend someone. I know there are a lot of bright dbas on here, and didn't know if some were contractors. The "hire me" portion of this website is difficult to use and pinpoint. Location is not important. I work half a nation away from my client.

I figured if they were good at what they do, they'd be helping in this section and respond to my question that they were available. Perhaps everyone here is booked up. :(

And thanks both of you for the advice.

Scott Pletcher

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Starr Duskk

Not crass at all. That's what I'd hoped for.
I'll see if I can contact you from your name link.
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