Citrix XenApp Cannot contact the License server "......".


We are building a new Citrix Farm with XenApp 6.5.  A consultant came in and set the new farm up for us and we received the new licensing .lic files from our Citrix Reseller.  We put the .lic file in the appropriate place and I believe after a few hours had past those prompts stopped coming up.

Those prompts looked like this.

Then everything was fine until we needed to migrate the Citrix License Server (StoreFront Server) to a different ESXi Host.  We do not have a  SAN; hence, I used our backup program (VEEAM Backup and Replication).  The VEEAM restore process restores the same MAC address of the VM to the new destination.  After the restore I powered down the original VM and then powered on the restored VM (on the destination host) and the VM works like A champ with the exception of the licensing part.  I can logon via the web portal and access the applications; but, I do have a problem with the licensing.

The Citrix Servers get that same prompt now as they did before.  I do not know what to do to fix this licensing problem.  Any suggestions?  As a backup plan, we can power down the restored VM server and then power on the original VM; but, that would not be fixing the problem.  We do want/need to have that VM over to the other ESXi host.

We are using Windows 2008 R2 64-bit edition.  We are using VMware 5.5 Update 2.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAsked:
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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
How may I re-apply the .lic file on the restored Server?  I see that the .lic file in the appropriate spot.  I have a copy of the file in a separate folder.

From my notes, when I origianlly place the .lic file in the folder:

1. I may go ahead and copy the new .lic file into that folder path that is mentioned below.
     a. C:\program files(x86)\Citrix\licensing\my files\
2. Then stop and start the Citrix Licensing service on the new Citrix Licensing server.

With that said, the .lic file is still in the above mentioned folder.  I already have restarted the licensing server; but, I do not see the listed licenses in the "Citrix Administrative License Console".  I think that the licensing process probably needs to be re-applied.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
This is what the licensing administrative console looks like after the restore (move to the other ESXi host).

Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
Moving the licensing server to a new host shouldn't cause this problem so long as the name of the server didn't change.  By any chance, do you still have the old license file that was in use before?

It sounds like you restarted the server, but is the license service actually running?  From the screenshot, it looks like the service is not running.  If not, do you see any error messages in the event logs?

On the license server, open the command prompt and run the command:  hostname

Verify the the hostname (case sensative) matches the license file.  You can open the license file in notepad.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Services on the server.
lic file information
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Perhaps the license file simply needs to be re-added.  I have seen that happen with may other programs where the settings are correct; but one needs to remove the setting and then re-add it.

The thing is that I know just enough about Citrix to be dangerous.  I do not want to do that and force another problem elsewhere.  What do you guys think?

It appears that the Citrix Grace period has re-started for 30 days and counting down.
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
Do you have the admin login for the licensing site?  Adding the lic file again isn't going to hurt at this point since it is not reading it anyway.
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
If the daemon is still showing down, follow the steps here:

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PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I do not have admin rights to the licensing site.  But the reseller that does have admin rights, did copy the .lic file on to a separate folder, in the c: Drive called 'Citrix Licensing files'.

Previously I

1.  Copied the .lic file from that folder (in the C: Drive) to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\My Files\ -  folder .  

2.  Then I stopped and started the Citrix Licensing service on the new Citrix Licensing server.  

Is the best thing to do to:

1.  Remove that .lic file form the  C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\My Files\ -  folder .

2.  Stop and Start the Citrix Licensing service on the new Citrix Licensing server.

3.  Then re-add that same file to the  C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Licensing\My Files\ -  folder .

4.  Then Stop and Start the Citrix Licensing service on the new Citrix Licensing server again.?
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
Follow the steps in that article I posted.  It will help narrow down where the problem lies.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
Hello Brian Scott:

That link looks very promising ( ) but in step 1 (under the solution section) I am prompted for a password when trying to access the Administration link.

I do not know what username/password to use; hence, I have sent the link to the consultant that actually set this up (just a short time ago).
Brian CTXSupportCitrix ConsultantCommented:
There is an article that you can reference to reset that password that you can search for, or I will post it when I'm off the road.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I am sure the consultant knows how to access it.

Everyone stated that "... just moving the server from one ESXi host to another should not cause any licensing errors..."  But Murphy'a law kicks into gear and you may get a surprise.

Backup plans are important.  The backup plan for here is to turn on the original server.  But we do want to move the original server to the new ESXi host.  It would be better to just fix the problem.  For that I do need to work with that consultant.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
It appears that after I re-set the service then the Daemon comes backup and it begins working.  But after a restart teh problem comes back.  We have created a case with Citrix.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
The consultant contacted Citrix and they provided to following direction, after reviewing the log files.

would like these steps completed.

1 - Uninstall license server

2 - Reboot the server

3 - You'll notice that the License directory under Citrix is still there. Copy the  MyFiles from that directory onto the desktop. Then rename or delete that licensing folder.

4 - Install license server. Copy the .Lic file from the MyFiles folder on the desktop into the MyFiles folder in the new licensing folder under Citrix. Do not copy any other file except the license file as the new install will have it's own Start up license.

5 - Then reboot the server to test it.

The above process sounds very similar to the instructions found in:  That Brian CTXSupport suggested.  I will install some windows updates on the Licensing server this evening.  And I wil restart again.  I will then inform you guys of the status on Monday, 7/20/15.
PkafkasNetwork EngineerAuthor Commented:
I believe the actual fix was referenced in the web article that Brian CTX brought up.
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