Need to backup from OWA to local PST (not outlook)

We have a situation and need to backup from OWA accounts to PST.
We have all username and passwords and would like to keep a second copy of the PST as the provider hosting crashed once and corrupted all emails. We are worried now and would like a second copy into a PST as a precaution.

1. We dont want to pay annual subscriptions for the software
2. We dont want to install outlook and export to PST as we need regular scheduled copies.
3. We use Migration Wiz however uploads from PST but does not copy to PST and works brilliant exchange to exchange - not sure if anything else like this?

Thanks in advance
Mark PaceDIRECTORAsked:
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Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalCommented:
You are really asking for something that is not possible for free.

Are you hosting a server in a datacenter and managing it yourself?

 I know of backup software that can extract mailboxes to PST's on the schedule you set but you need to buy the software - its not that expensive. You are looking at $200 for this software - Its called Backup Assist

The reason it is so cheap is because this backup software rides on the back of the built in windows server backup - just with many added functionalities. I have used it over many sites and never had a problem.
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
What version of Exchange are you using? If it's 2010 or later and you have access to the server you can actually export mailboxes to PST's via the Exchange Management Shell. Should be possible to write a powershell script that will run the commands required and just set a scheduled task on the server to run that at regular intervals.
Mark PaceDIRECTORAuthor Commented:
Hi Leroy
Thanks for reply.
We are a reseller of backup assist.
The issue is we don't have access to the server backend. Only owa.
Price is no issue just don't want subscription based pricing.

Hi Andy
Thanks for reply
As above don't have access to backend.
Only owa
Yes I know about scripts to export very easy. Appreciate response.
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Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
Hmm, in that case it's very limited. To my knowledge there's no tool that can extract emails from Outlook and put them into a PST - you typically either need access to the backend exchange server or have the account setup in Outlook to backup the emails.
Leroy LuffHead of IT & DIgitalCommented:
For incoming mails I might have a solution : Ask the provider to set each mailbox to forward to a gmail account or yahoo account then alt east you have inbound mail backed up.

For outbound mail you can setup that a copy gets delivered to gmail aswell but it wont sit in the "sent box".

I am not sure of any other possibilities with only access to owa.
Andy MIT Systems ManagerCommented:
For incoming mails I might have a solution : Ask the provider to set each mailbox to forward to a gmail account or yahoo account then at least you have inbound mail backed up.

This is basically known as Journalling which the Exchange administrator could setup if required but not sure why you would want to have a copy of all emails onto a third party public email system? From a security point of view that's very risky.

Journalling is sometimes an option as you only have to have one mailbox on Outlook to get a copy of all emails on the system but you won't have backups for individual users, simply just a copy of all emails on the server (if setup correctly). Also depending on how many emails the client sends/receives this can result in large amounts of bandwidth usage on the internet lines. I suppose it would depend on what sort of backup the client is wanting - if they want granular restore of individual users then you will need to connect to each mailbox (typiclly with Outlook) or access the exchange database.

As noted, without access to the server to install/configure the backup software I think you're going to be very limited in options for the backups. I know Exchange 2013 has more functionality in connections and OWA but I haven't seen any way to achieve a backup just using the OWA interface.

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