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Windows 2012 R2 roaming profile & Windows 2008 SP2 terminal server

Hello all, I need some help. My client is using Citrix 5.0 web interface and Windows 2008 SP2  64bit terminal server.
Client used to have a Windows 2003 file share, user profiles, redirections and printer share on same Windows 2003 server.
I have migrated Windows 2003 server to Windows 2012 R2 64bit server. test (login, access to network drive, print) was OK but once all users redirect data moved to new server by GPO, problem has started which user can't print out, keep freeze desktop when they launch application or switch application. They had to force to log out form terminal server.

1. Printer : it seems like driver issue and vendor tried couple of KX 32/64bit driver but it did not work and at last he installed classic 32/64bit driver and users can start print but sometimes failed but it better.  On terminal server there are spooler warning that 64bit driver could not download from print server which is windows 2012 r2.

2. Since all user profiles migrated to Windows 2012 r2 server, random users have freeze desktop when they open any application or switch applications. applications are installed on terminal server locally.

We did not have any issue before migrate from windows 2003 to 20012. Checked event viewer but there is no related error or warning.

I and my colleagues are trying to resolve this issue but we can't find any correct solution.

Any advise appreciate.
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