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Netscaler Load balancer & secure Virtual Directory

Hi, im running Windows 2012 R2 with IIS 8.5. i have created a virtual directory on my IIS and enabled SSL just for the Virtual Directoty. I have disabled anonmous authentication and enabled basic.
If i connect directoy to the VD over HTTPS it askes for a username and password, which if i enter it allows me access.

I have a netscaler VPX appliance configured as a Load blancer and SSL offloader. i have a service configured on the netscaler which accepts port 80 & 443 and forwards the traffic to the IIS server in question so at the moment a direct 1:1 relationship.

The issue is that if i try and access the VD via the netscaler i just get a 403 forbidden. looking at the IIS logs i can see the connection between netsclaner and the IIS server is over port 80 and not 443 and im guessing that the Netscaler is offloading the 443 peice.

any ideas on how to acheive this as the website itself is set up as standard port 80, its only the VD which requires port 443.

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Can you post a section of the http logs from when you are getting the 403?

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Solution worked without too much reconfiguration.