Replace, fix, or map around bad memory


I have an ASUS x55c-si30301n with 4gb integrated ram.  when i say integrated, i mean literally built into the motherboard.

windows 8, all kinds of corruption problems.  booting to memtest shows endless (over 2 million) read errors on the internal memory

before we just throw the machine away, is there a process we can do to either map around the bad memory, somehow shock it into formatting/restructuring the memory, or possibly disable the onboard memory and go with an add-on stick of ram?

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
No. You cannot "map" around bad memory. You need to replace the ram. Since it is soldered onto the motherboard, this means having a repair person replace the ram chips.

It may be more economical in the long haul to purchase a properly engineered machine.

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FocISAuthor Commented:
i was pretty sure that's going to be the answer - i can't imagine any reason ASUS would embed 4gb ram into the motherboard, other than to hope (or pre-program) the chips to fail as soon as the warranty is expired
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Consumer machines are not engineered for longevity or easy repair. They are just designed to be cheap. I don't think ASUS was deliberately engineering failure, but cheap is their overriding design criteria.
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The only thing you could try is to check whether there are any BIOS settings you can tweak, like using slower bus speeds, change voltages or timings etc. Some BIOS include Pre-defined settings like "Fail-Safe" etc.

Another thing is to clean out all dust, maybe some of it is changing the electrical characteristics of the board and influencing how the RAM works. Or it is causing the system to overheat which can also cause problems with RAM.
look if there is still warranty on the system- you may get it repaired or replaced
FocISAuthor Commented:
thanks nobus - that's the first thing i checked :)  it's out of warranty by just a few months (isn't it always the case)
usually, yes
it seems this is the end of it..sorry
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@FocIS  - Thanks and good luck with a repaired (or new) machine.
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