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SBS 2011 - Unable to connect to Computers via RWA

This did work and I can RDP dirtectly into the server.
But if I want as a user to take over my computer all I can access is e-mail remotely via OWA and see the shared folders.
But click on the valid computer and nothing happens.

The standard fixes seems to be:

Edit the Registry with:
HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Rpc\RpcProxy\Website with the value "Default Web Site"

And in the Exchnage PowerShell to run:
Set-OutlookAnywhere -Identity '<servername>\Rpc (Default Web Site)' -IISAuthenticationMethods Basic,NTLM

Neither of them make any difference. If I click on the Computer just nothing happens. So I don't even get any errors.
Any ideas?
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SBS 2011 - Unable to connect to Computers via RWA

What does this mean? are you talking about remote web workplace or owa?
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There are three means by which users can access their e-mail and devices remotely:

OWA for e-mail, Outlook via a web Interface
Their shared folders and
Access their remote computers.

The latter effectively RDPs into their terminal. Various security has to be set activated to work. It's a simple trick but very useful.

As I said it did work on this network but it doesn't now. WHen it does users can access any number of workstations that they are allowed to. It is the the "Computers" option on the right of the OWA screen that you get from

To not help matters no overt error messages are appearing and I have applied or had the most common fixes.

Apologies for not explaining myself better beforhand. Many thanks.
your referring to remote web workplace as far as i can tell.

this is setup through sbs 11 and iis mainly.

ok so can any users access remote desktop service for there computer by a test?
have you ensured the users are added to the correct groups in active directory?
if one user is able to rdp in and another is not check there groups side by side in active directory, this rules out a firewall block.

Have you upgraded your version of IE or installed IE security updates recently?  If so, there may be some security settings that are causing this issue. Popup blocking can cause problems with OWA and RWW.  If you think this might be the case, try setting the IE security as low as you can get it and see if it works. If it does, then you can experiment with settings.  Also, it's possible that the ActiveX add-on that is required for remote desktop to work with RWW is not working or not enabled.  Check your addins (Internet Options/Programs/Manage Addins) to see if it's installed and enabled.
Will investigate tomorrow - many thanks.
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As I said in my final comment the cause and solution seemed to be Microsoft updates...