Conversion Tool for XSL Stylesheet to XSL FO?

Is there a conversion tool online maybe that will take a xsl stylesheet as input and convert it to an xsl-fo stylesheet?  I have the xsl stylesheet that we merge with xml to produce an html report.  We now want to convert the xsl stylesheet to xsl-fo so that we can use the xml to produce a pdf report.

Thank You!
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
You do realize that the xsl-fo standard was abandoned in 2012 and replaced with CSS3-paged

1. CSS3-paged is still a proposal
2. If your starting point is XSL, wouldn't XSL-FO be a reasonably simpler mapping and shorter solution path than CSS3-paged?
Gertone (Geert Bormans)Information ArchitectCommented:
XSL-FO was NOT abandonned. The working group was voted for conclusion for lack of enthousiasm (not enough active members). XSL-FO vendors have a solid standard basis and find it easier to implement extension functions, rather than to sit in for standardisation meetings and get away with a compromise. Most of the (even advanced) page layou requirements are covered by the current 1.1 recommendation and some of the exciting stuff of the envisaged 2.0 has been implemented by vendors one way or another.
And a recent version of FOP has been released.
A working group pausing or halting does not kill a technology. I believe XSLT working group is about to conclude. I don't think XSLT will be dead soon :-)
I still find XSL-FO a viable option for quality print and CSS print media will require at least another three years before it will fullfill my daily printing needs
Gertone (Geert Bormans)Information ArchitectCommented:
But that does not help the question answered.
I am not aware of such a tool existing. I did a quick browse around... nothing found

Having an HTML alongside an XSL-FO is a common use case.
I have basically two solutions for that
- develop one stylesheet for the structural work and layer specialisations (through import) on top of it for both XSL-FO and HTML. This is the well structured solution DOcBook or DITA Open Toolkit would use
- for myself I often use the RenderX XSL-FO to HTML stylesheet to derive one from the other. That is a usefull tool actualy (you wil find it in the demo package on the RenderX website, reference escapes me) I generate the XSL-FO, and I get the HTML for free after (since drilling down an FO to HTML is easier than the other way round)

That is not what you need, but you might be inspired. I think that if you enrich your html transform and you make the result well structured (HTML5 or XHTML for  example) you might be able to develop your own XHTML to FOP, it is not that hard unless you have some exotic stuff in there

Depends on the solution you need and the quality you are looking for. If current state of CSS page media is sufficient for your needs, you might consider to develop a CSS and use a renderer from there. I am not sure what processor you would be using for FO, but Antenna House has done both XSL-FO and CSS in their product for years and the CSS renderer to PDF is pretty powerful

So next step... tell us more details about the project

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gdkinney_2Author Commented:
Thanks I ended up using the xsl stylesheet and writing FO version of it using the same xml for both.
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