Data usage when transfering a file

Hello Experts,

We have a slow 256 k connection (up and down). I have noticed when using a bandwidth meter (NetWorx) that more data is transferred than the actual size of the file on many occasions. Sometimes up to 50% more.

I know there is a cost to transferring files but can it be this much? This is usually noticed when using Drop Box.

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There is usually protocol/authentication overhead required. For example when uploading to a service such as dropbox, tcp/ip traffic would need to resolve hostnames through DNS, ip information gets attached to each packet of data, and dropbox may require additional information to be sent/received to make sure you are the user you say you are.
If you wanted to see the detail information you can use a Wireshark or Microsoft Message Analyzer (previously called Microsoft Network Monitor)
If you count all network frames as full MTU it doubles traffic. Ack packets are short indeed and carry no data.
Since you said "we", I am assuming there is more than one of you.  When you are watching the bandwidth meter are you sure that the only thing going over the link is the one file transfer?

I have not use NetWorx bandwidth meter, but is it showing traffic in both directions?  Also does it break down the traffic by TCP connection?  Normally most bandwidth meters just show you total traffic, meaning all connections and all traffic.  They don't break down the traffic by unique connection.

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