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renaming ACL's

Is there an easy way to renaming ACLS? These ACLS are part of tunnels I have, I want to ensure that if I change them, it wont break the tunnel.
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Create the copy of ACL that you want to rename with a name you want to use.
Change on tunnel what ACL is in use.
Delete old ACL.
Copy run start.
Old config:
access-list 1 permit any

interface fa0
ip access-group 1 in


access-list 2 permit any (you can copy - paste ACL 1 to notepad make changes there and then just paste it back to router)

interface fa0
no ip access-group 1 in
ip access-group 2 in

no access-list 1
copy run start
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sorry, I forgot to mention that I want to rename these on an ASA 5520. I found a solution with the "rename" syntax. It worked and it did not drop the tunnel thanks,