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I am trying to create an Application Pool in IIS and set some settings. I can create the pool ok but am unable to actually set the settings. Here is what I have:

Import-Module WebAdministration

cd IIS:\AppPools
$appPool = New-Item "My New App Pool"
$appPool.managedPipelineMode = "Classic"
$appPool.managedRuntimeVersion = "v4.0"
$appPool.enable32BitAppOnWin64 = "True"

My issue is the pool gets created but none of the settings stick. I do not see anything like an $appPool.Save, etc.

How do I get the items I am setting to stick?

Thanks, Charles
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Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
After creating the new AppPool, you could pull the default configuration into an object:

$ThisAppPool = Get-Item IIS:\AppPools\MyNewAppPool

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Now you can use "Set-ItemProperty" to update the configuration properties that you want to.

Set-ItemProperty IIS:\AppPools\MyNewAppPool -Name queueLength -Value 500

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Here is a good reference on the subject.

link: http://www.iis.net/learn/manage/powershell/powershell-snap-in-making-simple-configuration-changes-to-web-sites-and-application-pools


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ckelsoeAuthor Commented:
Thanks much. That works. The one part of PowerShell that is messing me up is that there are 15 ways to do something syntax wise and it seems random as to what works where.
ckelsoeAuthor Commented:
Now I am having an issue setting a sub application application pool.

Here is what I have tried.

Set-Location IIS:\Sites\Default Web Site\MySubSite
Set-ItemProperty -Name applicationPool - Value 'My New Pool'

When I do that I get prompted for path[0]. I can put in IIS:\Sites\Default Web Site\MySubSite but I want to be able to do this without the secondary prompts.

What am I missing?
Dan McFaddenSystems EngineerCommented:
I would just try this command:

Set-ItemProperty 'IIS:\Sites\Default Web Site\MySubSite' -Name ApplicationPool -Value MySubSiteAppPool

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Assuming that you are talking about a Virtual Application that is a child object of the default site.

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