Cannot access backup, denied permission

Windows permissions continue to drive me batty! I have a backup of my Vista system made with Acronis TI2013. I've upgraded the system to WIN7 and now I want to restore files from the backup. I have the same user name on the upgraded system. When I try to access the users folder I get "denied permission":
denied permissionWhen I click on the security tab link as instructed, it shows Administrators with full control -- user Daniela is an Administrator.
permissionsWhy can't I access this folder and how do I fix it?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
When you made Daniela admin, did Daniela logoff then logon?
Acronis TI can be touchy about accessing a backup created one way when the conditions on the PC have changed.  In your case the backup was created on Vista but you are now trying to access on Win 7.

In my case I had made the Acronis backup with one version of Acronis and tried to access with another (later) version on the same PC.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Try to take ownership of the directory, though you are possibly using the mount option of ATI and this mounts backup for read only.
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TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
Right click on the folder
Go to security tap advanced owner
Click on edit select your user check on replace owner on subcontainer and click apply
Ok ok
Go to security tap again and add users as you want
MarkAuthor Commented:
NewVillageIT (NVIT):
When you made Daniela admin, did Daniela logoff then logon?
Daniela was admin on the Vista system. When I installed WIN7 it asked for the user account. I presume it made Daniela admin at that time. I've done nothing subsequently.

Acronis TI can be touchy about accessing a backup created one way when the conditions on the PC have changed.
I agree, I've run into this before. Neverthless, there should be a way. It really limits the utility of backup software if something this fundamental cannot be accomplished.

Try to take ownership of the directory, though you are possibly using the mount option of ATI and this mounts backup for read only.
Yes, I am using the mount option of ATI. Perhaps I should try restoring the files instead?

Temody: Can't do it. Nothing happens when I clikc "OK" with the new owner. Probably because the backup is mounted read-only.
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
Can you copy or extract this folder to your local drive
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
You need first to restore the files first and only then take the ownership. As I said - the mount archive option opens the backup archive with read-only access. And no changes are done to the files and directories in it.
NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
Make another admin account. See if that account can do it.
MarkAuthor Commented:
I was able to find a way to restore individual files from the backup:, very obscure and non-intuitive!!! When I tried to access the folders I got the message that I did not have permission to access the files, but I could click the button to give access. This worked and appears to have been applied to all subordinate files and folders. So far so good.

However, individual files on the desktop are still denied:
access deniedI've worked around this for zipfiles by copying them to Linux, unzipping and rezipping there and copying back. For other files, e.g. Word document, I still cannot access and I'd rather not copy them all to Linux. I've changed the owner, and rebooted, but that doesn't help.
change ownerAny ideas?
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
MarkAuthor Commented:
noxcho: Yes I did the procedure to which your link references. Didn't work. I have to conclude that the Acronis TI restore of the Vista files to WIN7 simply messes up ownership and permission somehow. The folders shown in C:\Users\Daniela all have little lock icons superimposed on the folder icon:
Lock IconI cannot do anything with the permission through the usual Properties > Security > Advanced > Owner mechanism (though I didn't try NewVillageIT's suggestion of creating a new admin account.

I did figure out 2 methods of doing what I need:

1. Copy the file or folder to a Linux Samba mount, delete original, copy file or folder back (see folder Music on above image - no lock icon).

2. rename the problematic folder. Create a new folder with the same name. Select all sub-folders and files and drag to new folder. This works as apparently the owner/permission issue is with the top-level folder. For individual files not in a folder, same thing. Right-click, copy the file. Delete the original. Rename the copy.

For some reason, these files can be copied, but not opened.

Further ideas before I close this question?

(BTW - has our new so-called "upgraded" Experts Exchange interface now lost the ability to edit postings once they have been submitted?)

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noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
The idea would be boot the machine where you restored the necessary data and which have this locked icon - from a Linux distro or a tool called Parted Magic - and copy the entire data to specific folder. This should remove the ownership issues normally.

As for the editing, I noticed this glitch as well. Sometimes you can edit and sometimes not. Don't know what it depends on.
Concerning Editing:
As long as your comment is the last in the thread (no one has commented after you), you can click the down caret at the top right of your comment and you will be offered the option to Edit or Delete.
MarkAuthor Commented:
noxcho: I think your idea with pmagic accomplishes essentially the same as my either renaming the "bad" folder, or copying the hierarchy to a Linux Samba mount. The pmagic disk looks interesting though, so I'm downloading it.
MarkAuthor Commented:
Ah, the caret/chevron ... I was looking for the gear.
MarkAuthor Commented:
I figured out how to override privileges.
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