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How would I export a DataTable to a text file and define the string length and the start position of each column ?

My issue is I need to build a text file with a specific format. Each row (line) in the text file can only be 111 characters long and each row (line) in the text file will represent a single row from the DataTable.

Column1 | Column2 | Column3 | Column4
My            |Phone #   |is                |8000000000
My            |Phone #   |is                |9990000000


Column1 starts at position 0, Column2 starts at position 2, Column3 starts at position 40, Column4 starts at position 90,

MyPhone#                                is                                                8000000000          
MyPhone#                                is                                                9990000000          

I am able to use
public void ExportDataTabletoFile(DataTable datatable, string delimited, bool exportcolumnsheader, string file)

    StreamWriter str = new StreamWriter(file, false, System.Text.Encoding.Default);
    if (exportcolumnsheader)
        string Columns = string.Empty;
        foreach (DataColumn column in datatable.Columns)
            Columns += column.ColumnName + delimited;
        str.WriteLine(Columns.Remove(Columns.Length - 1, 1));
    foreach (DataRow datarow in datatable.Rows)
        string row = string.Empty;
        foreach (object items in datarow.ItemArray)
            row += items.ToString() + delimited;
        str.WriteLine(row.Remove(row.Length - 1, 1));

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And call it like
ExportDataTabletoFile(GetTable(), " ,", false, file);

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but that is all I can come up with.



Can any one expand on this for me.

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you will have to build your strings by yourself
Do you want
my,phone,                    is,           ######## or
column1start = 0
output = column1.text + ","
spaces = column2start - strlen(output)
spacer = ""
for (I=0;i<spaces;i++){spacer += " ";}
output= output + spacer + column2.txt + ",";
spaces = column3start - strlen(output);
spacer = ""
for (I=0;i<spaces;i++){spacer += " ";}
output= output + spacer + column3.txt + ",";
spaces = column4start - strlen(output);
spacer = ""
for (I=0;i<spaces;i++){spacer += " ";}
output= output + spacer + column4.txt;
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Thank you !
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Soto Sir,

Any way to get the string format values from a list, or a datatable column ?
To your followup question, "Any way to get the string format values from a list, or a datatable column ?", the format specifier is just a string and can be stored in a list or any object that can store a string in. When you are ready to use it retrieve it from where you are storing it and place it in a string variable and use that string variable where the specifier is now.