Migration from Bluecoat to F5

Hi all,

Please advice on the steps to be considered and documents to be referred for migrating from Bluecoat proxy to F5?

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NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Prior to suggest the steps,

Can you tell me the more about the bluecoat proxy functionality in your network.

Because F5 has many products , LTM GTM APM ASM and more


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Pillaya8Author Commented:
Hi ,

Thanks for the reply , I would like to know what are the functionality of blue coat matches to that of f5 (gtm,ltm,apm,asm) i mean can that be equated?

please let me know if blue coat proxy can be converted to f5 proxy?if yes how?

Basically need to analyse the services running through blue coat proxy and convert to F5 .kindly advice the steps.

NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
You can transfer the Bluecoat Proxy function to F5 LTM.

Steps 1:
Prepare LLD (physical connectivity) of Bluecoat Proxy
Collect all the IP address/routing table info/NAT details from Bluecoat Proxy
If there is an SSL termination option enabled on the Bluecoat proxy, collect those info and we may need to use those details in F5 SSL offload

If the Bluecoat Proxy is working in transparent mode, please collect those info too.

F5 LTM can do the below list of functions

External Network --->F5 LTM ---Server Pools

Server Loadbalancing
SSL offload (client to F5 and F5 to server)
Web Traffic control
Persistence (mainly used for Banking and ecommerce sites)

If you need depth level steps, then you may need to post your Bluecoat Proxy details here

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Pillaya8Author Commented:
Thanks a lot .can you please tell me what are the advantages of this type of migrations? What is the advantage that Big ip has over bluecoat ?
NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:

Both products has its own specialties.  

BIG IP LTM has more server load balancing functionalists and if you need more security for your server farms, you just need to activate ASM( security module licence) without upgrading the LTM hardware and this option is not available in Bluecoat.

http://www.f5.com/pdf/products/big-ip-local-traffic-manager-ds.pdf  --> You can refer the Product overview here

I am not sure about SSL offload in Bluecoat,  But F5 LTM has huge functionalists in SSL termination option

Again, all depends upon the customer requirement.

Pillaya8Author Commented:
Dear Netexpert,

Thanks a lot.Please advice on the commands that be used from bluecoat command prompt or from the GUI to collect the information of all the services available in bluecoat ?
From the bluecoat perspective please advice on the below on the commands  to do the below
Collect all the IP address/routing table info/NAT details from Bluecoat Proxy?
Basically I am looking for all the ways to collect all the configs from bluecoat so that can be transferred to F5.kindly help
NetExpert Network Solutions Pte LtdTechnical SpecialistCommented:
Here are few commands you need to collect, before the migration plan

show appliance-name
show general
show health-checks
show http
show http-stats
show interface
show ip-default-gateway
show ip-route-table
show services
show service-groups
show static-routes
show status
show version
show virtual-ip

Pillaya8Author Commented:
Excellent suggestions
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