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How to grab a copy of my sql 2012 database

I am no database administrator but our support company has requested we send them a copy of the sql database to our support company to help them investigate a fault on the system.

Can someone point me to a step by step on how to take a copy of an sql databse?
Thank you
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Or if you already have a backup maintenance plan just send them the last full backup file. They'll be able to restore it in their environment.
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Gospodin Rasputin


Thanks that worked like magic. I also discovered their application has a DBMgmttool which I could use the following command (similar to yours above) from within the application installation directory so it backs up and zips the database:
DBMgmttool /BACKUP
    /DATABASE=<Database Name>
    /USER=<Application's user name>
    /PASSWORD=<Application's Users Password>