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Exchange 2007 issues, EMC becomes unresponsive when accessing mailbox. Possible Database corruption


Got a problem with my exchange 2007 server(on a 2003x64, patched to SP3 rollup 15).  Users reported that Outlook(2010) had become unresponsive and they could not access their emails.  Closing and reopening Outlook says that is connected to exchange but if I try to browse mailbox or send a new email it becomes unresponsive again.  OWA website comes up but after passing on credentials nothing happens.

On the server the eventvwr doesn't show anything new in terms of errors.  The errors(RPC over Http) that are present have been there for 6 months and do not seems related, as this issue only just reared it's ugly head.

The EMC is useable in almost all areas except when I click on mailbox properties, the pop up comes up with the mailbox properties but is unusable.  Everything else works in EMC from what I can tell.  The only way to close EMC with mailbox properties box open is through the task manager.  I've tried to restart the exchange services but they say stopping until they eventually time out(10-20 minutes).  If I dismount the mailbox I cannot mount it again without a reboot.  

Thinking it was a database related issue and something locking it, I stopped backups(shadow protect, which was not backing up because vss writers had failed, reboot fixed this), stopped AV on the server.  I've also put the server on an independent network and rebooted and still  have the same issues.  Checked disk writing and reading by copying data to a from drive too.

I've done a ESEUTIL /mh and it came up as dirty so I replayed the logs and in a clean state remounted but this has not resolved the issue and same faults.  I'm currently restoring from backup as a last resort and running ESEUTIL /d  but this will take a long time due to the size of the database(170gb).

It points to corrupt database but there are no errors(well none that I can find).  Has anyone else had anything similar?  Attached is the eventvwr for the time the mailboxes became unresponsive.  It all started at around 16:50
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There's a number of errors there that you really should investigate first. The Transport and RPC error stands out as something to really look into. Are all exchange services running?

If the users connect via webmail are they able to access the account/emails fine?

I would alos suggest (if possible) creating a new database and moving a couple of users mailboxes to it - see if they have the same issue. If not then you could try moving a few more and see if they are fine. Depending on your setup it may be worht creating multiple databases and distribute the mailboxes to different ones. This way if one database has a problem it doesn't affect everyone and restores/repairs are typically quicker too.
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Hi Andy,
The RPC over http error has been there for a while and we do not use outlook anywhere.  All the errors listed have been there since the logs go back and the server has only just started to have this issue.  All exchange services start and are running, restarting them is a no go.  The transport service I think works, I have a couple of distribution groups going to external addresses for reporting and that still works.  I also only got bounce backs when I turned off the transport service.

I tried to create a new database, with the intention of creating a new mailbox.  The database crashed EMC and the database file was created but unmountable.  

In regards to OWA - it does not view the mailbox, it keeps trying to make a connection.

One thing I forgot to mention we use BES.

Your other suggestion is something I wonder why I didn't implement earlier.

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My comment resolved the issue.  Looked like a database issue and the ESEUTIL confirmed it. ESEUTIL /D brought the exchange system back to a useable system.