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I have a client that is using SP2010.  They have a list that tracks issues and contains roughly 4100 records.  Part of each issue is a set of dates - nine of them to be exact - that are labeled "Testing due", "Review Date", "QA set", etc.  They would like to receive email notifications X number of days before each of these dates.

So my question is - how do I accomplish this?

One way is to simply set a WF that waits until X days before Date#1 and then fire off an email.  But with 4100 items and 9 dates each, I really do not think it is good idea to have 36,000 WFs out there just waiting.  Maybe I am wrong but that just seems like a bad idea.  Plus if one of the dates changed we'd have an even bigger issue.

So I did try the HarePoint Workflow Scheduler to run a WF at 11 every night.  It ran as simple a WF I could make against as small a view of the list as possible, but performance was terrible when it fired off.  It took roughly 13 hours to get through all the list items.

I am not a developer and while we could go the way of writing an event handler to do this, the client is not willing to fork out the money for that - thus I am looking for other ideas\options.   (I did get a quote to do this and it came in at $3,200).

If you have any thoughts, please hit me with em.

Thanks in advance!
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martushaProduct manager
If you are not willing to create a complex workflow with SharePoint designer. Then options are limited...
Take a look at third party alert and reminder tool, like this  for $635 (per WFE).
Thanks for the thought but it is not that I am unwilling to create a workflow - that is not the issue.

I did come up with a solution though:  

From Andrew Toh's blog at I took his powershell script and revised it to my needs.  I had never thought of starting the WF from powershell (running as a scheduled task) and it works great.  The best part is that the powershell script can do the criteria selection on each list item so the WF does not.  This means we are only firing off the WF for the items that need it - not every one.

I granted you the point as you gave it a shot and I thank you for that.


Found a way to do it I had not previously considered.

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