How to determine which process owns a window or notification in OS X

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How can I determine which process owns a window or notification in OS X, like I can in Windows with Process Monitor or Process Explorer?
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On Mac we are used activity monitor
Refer this link it will be solve your problem
Activity Monitor is GUI utility that's easiest to look up.

It basically combines the functionality of several command line tools into one easy interface.
top <-- similar to Activity Monitor
ps <-- shows processes
lsof <-- list open files and the process it's connected to
netstat <-- network
there's other's too


I am familiar with Activity Monitor.   I looked at Activity Monitor to see if it had that functionality.

If someone asked me this question about Windows, I would say:

1. Download Process Explorer from and run it.
4. Drag the toolbar icon that looks like a target, and drop it on the window or dialog in question, and the process that owns the window will be highlighted in blue.

So, let me rephrase the question:
How can I determine which process owns a window or notification in OS X using Activity Monitor?

I don't think anyone has written a program with that kind of capability for a Mac.  There isn't an equivalent to Mark Russinovich in the Mac World.  He wrote many great tools for Microsoft before they hired him.  Fortunately, they kept everything intact.  I downloaded every Sysinternals utility of his on that day, just in case.

The closest thing you can get is to Select Windowed Processes to narrow the field click on the info button of each process, attempt to watch it for changes, then work backwards from there.  You need to ID the process ID and correlate all the Parent Process IDs.  I think that's easier done via a command line script to parse the output of ps after you've identified the PID of the main window.  It will still be tedious.

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