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Recommended Backup Software

Have had some new regulations come down that I need to be doing another form of hardware backups. The server that is needing backed up currently has a Dell RD1000 Drive and I have some RD1000 cartridges as well. Operating system is Windows Server 2008 R2

My question is which software would you recommend with this drive/cartridges? I would be doing nightly backups Monday-Friday.

Another option would be network storage drive setup and just do it over the network over to those drives?

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The OS's built in backup tool should be able to use those cartridges. Better and more comfortable to use is of course Paragon:
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thanks for the replies so far. I'm leaning towards a NAS setup and then going from there with the software.
It would be most helpful -- and generate the best recommendations for you -- if you could share the known requirements of your new solution.  Otherwise, we're shooting blind.

Among the important questions:
- how long do you need to retain the data?
- how long can a restore take?
- do you need to encrypt the data?
- what are the requirements for copies / offsite storage?

There is often much more, as you drill down, but those are some of the key top-level questions.
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We would be running nightly backups.
Restore single files would need to be done quickly if needed.
There is no encryption going on at the current time.
We must backup to additional hardware on site, we also use a cloud based storage for our offsite backup.
As I mentioned Windows Builtin backup should work, but I'd recommend Paragon, as that definitely works and it is the least expensive 3rd party tool you can get for server OS's.

Another, probably the best one available is Storagecraft's "ShadowProtect", but that is probably overkill your your relatively simple needs. What it can do is do a snapshot every 15 minutes, incremental backups can be consolidated into the full backup, the backed up server can be started as a VirtualBox VM quickly which makes it easy to check your backups, or make it available for users should the main server have a hardware problem and needs to be repaired, among others.
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Thanks for the suggestions. We purchased our software and hardware to work with it and will be setting it up next week.