Setup syslog-ng on RedHat

Any quick reference guide that can help me to setup a syslog-ng on Redhat / Centos ? I need to setup it up within a very short time...

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Need a little more detail.  Do you need to do any more than a basic setup?
Syslog/syslog are installed by default d are configurable through /etc/syslog.conf or /etc/r syslog.conf
Syslog-ng if not mistaken is a syslog function one installed on a windows system.

Rsyslog is a more robust version of syslog, includes external tie-ins, functionality.

The transition, is yum erase syslog, yum install rsyslog.
syslog-ng does run on Linux, I'm not sure if it runs on Windows.

I believe that rsyslog is newer than syslog-ng, but they both perform the same function.  There is a newer program, journald, that is being used to replace both of rsyslog and syslog-ng.  I'm not sure what RedHat is using bye default now, I think it is rsyslog, but I think they are going to be using journald soon.  I know that journald is what RedHat is using in Fedora now (since Fedora 20).
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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
I need to setup syslog-ng on the current RedHat, appreciate for any useful resource to set it up shortly, Tks
In short it is not available through a repository, you either need to find an RPM and install it, or get tge source, compile and install?
Doesn't the existing version do what you need?
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Existing RedHat servers don't have subscription, probably need to download the package and install it manually.

Afterwards, I need to configure it.

Really need some quick reference to set it up within a short period of time.... Tks
You keep saying that you need to quickly configure, without any info in what it is you are looking for it to do.

What do you need it to be able to do?
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
1. install the syslog-ng on RedHat servers.
2. Configure it to send the Apache log and error log ( in a particular directories) to a centralized servers.

You first have to configure Apache to log to syslog versus to a file, I.e. local6
In /etc/syslog.conf or rsyslog.conf as applicable
You would have the following line
local6.*              @ip_of_centralsyslog_server

That is all that is needed.
On the central server you have to deal with getting local6. Events as well as make sure it is open to receive (iptables open 514 UDP if I am not mistaken) while the central syslog configure to bind to IP/port.

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AXISHKAuthor Commented:
last question ... Any good reference guide such that I can go through the setup step-by-step.... Tks
Usually the syslog.conf includes some examples/descriptions.
similar with rsyslog.conf

Using man or apropo syslog/rsyslog there are sections dealing with the conf files as well.
There is a official documentation from Balabit, I used it regularly for references:
I just checked and we are running RedHat 6.4 which seems to come with rsyslog by default and as Arnold has pointed out it can forward to remote syslog servers.

So do you really need syslog-ng installed, or do you just need to have the Apache logs forwarded to a central syslog server?
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
How to forward Apache log ot the central syslog ? Tks

ErrorLog syslog:facility
TransferLog syslog:facility
where facility is the level that you will then use in the syslog.conf to forward the requests.
You can have two entries in syslog.conf one writes the data to file, while another forwards the request....
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
Say for a apache server to send log to syslog ng
On syslog-ng server, under /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf :
 - create a new configuration file, setup the filter and destination for the device.

On Apache, no need to install syslog-ng, no need to install syslog-ng, correct ?
Can you show me where configuration file and setting should I need to change in Apache,  

Thanks again.
This ongoing thread has derived from the original question. I suggest opening a new thread for the specific setup regarding syslog-ng and apache.
AXISHKAuthor Commented:
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