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Hello experts,

I might have got some malware on my computer, but Adwcleaner and others didn't solve the problem.

The problem is that something is stoling focus from my active window (everywhere, not just in browser) and I need to do ALT-F4 once and it's solved until the next start of PC...But how can I find out which process has just ended? To track it down and get rid of it?

* I use Win 7
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use sysinternals autoruns to find out what is running on startup.
malware bytes is by far better than adwcleaner IMHO.


It's already tested with malware bytes...can you be more specific? you mean this - ? And something which logs ended processes is not an option? It would be by far more elegant solution in this scenario...
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Download and install Process Explorer from the link above. Run it and look down the left side under "Explorer".  

Are there any strange (alphanumeric) processes running?  If so, kill such processes, exit out, do NOT restart and run Malwarebytes again to remove malware it could not remove when the processes were running.
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Chameleon from does something similar.

Install and run the svchosts file from the chameleon directory.
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SysInternals' Process Explorer is great to monitor active processes, but their logging tool is Process Monitor, and that one can log thread/process starts and termination, plus file system and reg activity, plus network sockect creation ...
If you want to try that, run the tool, stop capturing immediately if running on start (by pressing the magnifier glass). Then switch off all icons in the right-most group but the process activity one (the Windows-like button). Then press the magnifier glass again, kill that strange window, and stop capturing again after a second or three.


Thank You all.
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