Cisco Switch 2960X

I just got 5 cisco 2960X swtiches and I am trying to login on privilege mode thru the console. But when I am in the user mode prompt and enter enable "cisco" password does not work. I try with all 5 switches still does not work. am I missing something?
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If I understood you correctly  you are trying to create password for privileged mode?
If that is so, you need to enter configuration mode and issue
# enable
# configuration terminal
# enable secret cisco
That will create password for entering into privileged mode.
If I did not understand you well and you are trying to enter privileged mode you need to issue
# enable
and you will be prompt for password to enter privileged mode.
tonzur40Author Commented:
Predrag the problem is I can not get into the privileged mode in the first place to change the privilege mode password.
in the attachment you can see where I am stuck after trying the cisco default password "cisco".
These are brand new switches so I was expecting the password to be the default

Don JohnstonInstructorCommented:
There's no attachment.

So you type in "enable" and then you get prompted for the password?

If these are new switches, you should not be prompted for a password as there is no password assigned for privileged mode access by default.
2960X setup

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Hi tonzur40,

First of all try username and password with capital  letter "Cisco".

If it still is not working then you have to perform password recovery.
Easiest way is to press the button in front of the switches and wait for a while.
At the console screen will appear a password recovery procedure and it will finish all by himself.
Then you should be able to access to priviledge mode.
Craig BeckCommented:
Brand new switches don't have a password set - the config is completely blank.

Can you copy/paste exactly what you get in your console window??  Even better... can you just copy the whole session and attach??
tonzur40Author Commented:
Someone did the express setup before I noticed it and the privilege password got assing
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