Exchange 2010 Single server move Mailboxes to new Servers with DAG configured CAS Array

We currently have a Single Exchange 2010 server named    HSMAIL.domain.local

we have built (2) new exchange 2010 Servers with a Mailbox Databases in a  DAG. We have a HW Load Balancer and all (3) servers are configured in the Load Balancer, we are planning on retiring the original server HSMAIL after all mailboxes are moved to the New DAG protected Mailbox Databases.

We want to create a CAS Array and are wondering if we can name it HSMAIL.doman.local the same as the current server, configure DNS server to Point HSMAIL.domain.local to the Virtual IP on Load Balancer.

We are hoping that by using the same name that as we move the Mailboxes to the DAG that the users Outlook profiles will not need to be rebuilt or repaired as it would be if the CAS Array had a different name.

Can we use the name of the original server as the CAS array name on the new servers, the original server will not be part of the Array? Or should it be?

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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
You will not be able to use the same name for your load balancer  as long as the old exchange server is online. The exchange servers name cannot be changed so until you decommission it that name cannot be used.

However when you configure a new cassarry with a new name your clients will point to this automatically using autodiscover.

Because you already have the CAS role installed on your single server, these will be dependant on each other during the migration.

Meaning your clients will connect to your CASARRAY or the single CAS server however they will connect to the correct mailbox.

Once you have moved the mailboxes over to the DAG you can decommsion the single mailbox server that holds the CAS/HUB and mailbox role.

hpeetAuthor Commented:

Created the CAS-ARRAY with a different name, However, when I move the mailbox from the original server to the new server the users Outlook profile does NOT update to point to the new CAS-ARRAY name. It does appear to work should the outlook profile not update to the New CAS-Array name?

I was under the impression that the user could continue to use their mailbox while it was being moved however it appears to stay connected but if I send a message it remains in the outbox, after the move it completed the messages remain in the outbox even if you close an re-open outlook, at that point new messages do get delivered?

Thanks again
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
I am going to have to disagree with Will here.
Creating the new CAS array will NOT cause the clients to move to the new CAS array name.
The old name is still valid, so the clients will still work.

The only way to get the clients to use the CAS array name is to repair the Outlook profile or move the mailboxes to another server in a different AD site.
The other method is to remove the server then cross your fingers that Autodiscover kicks in.

As for moving mailboxes, it should work during the move process. When complete the client should then get a prompt to restart Outlook. If they don't restart Outlook then the client will be in a disconnected state.


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Will SzymkowskiSenior Solution ArchitectCommented:
However when you configure a new cassarry with a new name your clients will point to this automatically using autodiscover.

I had miss worded the statement above and getting ahead of myself. This will take place after mailboxes have been moved to the new DAG databases.

hpeetAuthor Commented:
It appears that as Simon had indicated the Outlook profile does not update to the CAS Array name unless a repair is run on the outlook profile.

It does appear that user can send and receive messages for the majority of the move process, at the the end 95% it seems to lock up until it re-establishes a connection.

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