Use a router as a WAP


I would like to use a fairly new net gear router as a Wireless Access Point. I replaced the equipment and no longer need it as a router. however, there are areas in my home where  signal is weak, but I have a wired access.
I am told if I disable the DCHP it will work just fine.
I have been told that I must use my laptop to get into the router. and that it must be set to a static IP first.  
can we start a conversation going to help me achieve this.  
I will begin this conversation by saying   " hit the button for factory reset  ".

any help appreciated.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
This is very easy to do.

1. Hook up a LAN port on the spare router to a LAN port on your network.
2. Give the spare router a Static IP address on your network (so it does not get lost or confused).
3. Turn DHCP OFF on the spare router. This makes it an extension of (access point) of your network.

I do the above routinely.

You can reset the spare router first if you wish. Log in to it and determine the internal IP range and change it to match your network before step 1 above.
intelogentAuthor Commented:
hi John.

what would we do here with out you and other friends like you.

so lets take it i have new information...

the router netgear was previously used in an office where it had a different subnet.y hooking up
my dynamic laptop to a lan port on the spear router, i am able to access it.
i can get in to the set up no problem.....

what next  ??
intelogentAuthor Commented:
i am guessing here, but would it be as simple as:  
entering the lan set up
unchecking  " use router as DHCP Server     and
checking the box " use auto IP "

one more guess, and then attaching a link from my existing network to the spare routers " internet" socket ?

its just a guess    but do lead please.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Log into the Netgear at (probably .1). Either leave it at that (if your main network is the same) or change it to 192.168.x.100 whatever .x is for your network.

Once it has restarted, set it up by the 3 steps above. All you really need to do is keep in contact with the Netgear routers and when you change the internal IP, you will lose contact until you regain it.

Work WIRED until connected and working. Set up wireless after.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
1. entering the lan set up   <-- Yes.

2. unchecking  " use router as DHCP Server  <-- Yes,
3.  checking the box " use auto IP "   <-- No. For the LAN setup, set the main LAN IP to a static address on your network.

Please let us know your main network IP address and range so it is easier to help. As noted, I routinely set up like this and it is quite easy.
intelogentAuthor Commented:
which on the spare router should be used when patching it to my wired network ?

should it be the spare router's   lan parts, or should it be the internet port ?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You should hook up LAN to LAN. Any LAN port on the Netgear. But do not use the Internet Port or you will wind up with a completely different network on your Netgear.
intelogentAuthor Commented:
all is good.....

and happy to report from my new wireless connections....

i would like to go a bit deeper... but not to muddy the waters here////

total sucess
intelogentAuthor Commented:
a mit deeper

i now understand what you meant by " getting lost on the network "

i did not give the " spare router" a static ip... i did not understand.    so what do i do now...
everything is working, but this WAP    should have its own ip on my network yes?

and how would i find it. ?

or should i not care ?
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If all is working, good. What a Staric IP does is keeps the internal IP if you need to do a big reset for other reasons or it resets on its own. Static IP is more stable for network gear.
intelogentAuthor Commented:
so then to complete the task properly.... how can i now get in the router as it is  as you put it " lost in my netwrk"
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
The only difference here (1. you have a proper physical connection; 3. you have turned DHCP OFF) is the Static IP.

There is nothing special about a static IP. It is just fixed to one address on your network. If the Netgear router is getting a variable address, it might not be connected in a reset.

How to make static should be in the Setup screen. In my Cisco RV220W, in the Networking Screen, there is a WAN setup and LAN setup. I ignore the WAN as it is disconnected. In the LAN setup, I set the LAN for 192.168.x.4, subnet Mask of and DHCP as "None"

That gives me DHCP OFF and a Static IP on my network. My main router is .1, wireless is .4 and printer is .11.
intelogentAuthor Commented:

how would i find the router... i do not know what to type to get back to it so that i may one day when needed access the set up screen again
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
If you do a reset (your first post), you find the router at its default location - say (just say).

Log into the default and set a static IP on your network - say (just say). Now log in as that address.

So long as you set it up as I note and make a note of the static IP address, it cannot get lost. I do this routinely and can ALWAYS get back to the router.

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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@intelogent - Thanks, and I was happy to help. Good luck with your setup .
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