Suggestions for Outdoor Wifi Hotspot


I'm planning to setup a Outdoor Wifi Hotspot Network on a temporary basis (Active for about a 3 weeks or so).
There is a outdoor event happening and we want to provide Free wifi to the visitors during the period of the event.
Below is my expecation:

1) The Wifi should cover an area of 200-300M Radius.
2) Should be able to support at least 200 concurrent users.
3) Users who need free wifi will come over to our counter and Register their Phone number and when they connect to Wifi they will be either prompted to enter some code / or their mobile number / or something. We need to make sure only users who register at our counter will be able to access the Free Wifi.

So to get this done, what are my options? What kind of hardware do I need to purchase? For the authentication part, what do I need?

Any help/ideas appreciated.
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how about publishing yourself on facebook with the Cisco Meraki system?

you can have people use your guest wifi with them login in too facebook, thus stating on facebook that they are at your place. free advertising! :) that way you also have control on the user accessing your AP's.

the Meraki system have most other authentication methods too, and it have a user friendly interface.
it also contains all the firewall and bandwidth management you need for a environment like this.

PS: not an expert, I just have one AP for testing. :)
Good luck!
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
ubiquiti Unifi AP
Best performance high power
Check out models
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
If you also looking for hotspot soft or hardware
SolarWinds® IP Control Bundle (IPCB)

Combines SolarWinds IP Address Manager and User Device Tracker to help detect IP conflicts, quickly identify affected systems, and help your team take near instantaneous action. Help improve visibility and enhance reliability with SolarWinds IP Control Bundle.

shaf81Author Commented:
Dear Experts. Thank you for the contribution so far.

I do already own and use a Ubiquiti Unifi AP.
However, what I'm looking for is not product / brand names here.

I'm lookin for solution and implementaiton ideas.

So, lets Talk about Unifi AP - that's just an AP at the end of the day. Each AP can take what, 100 concurrent users? That falls below my requirement. Then I'm going to need a Router, and then the Captive portal and the Registration process - What do I use for that?

Finding an AP is easy, and that's only a small part of the story. Google can help me find answers for that. If I've posted a question here, the expectation is a little more than google answers.
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
You can install your own hotspot system with a lot of options as you like with the router board I mention above
If you need installation guide please inform
shaf81Author Commented:
@Temody - I just checked the Mikrotik page and also a Video on youtube on their hotspot. Looks like it might be a workable solution paired with Uniqiti AP's. Also since the MT allows Load balancing, I might be able to have multiple internets on the WAN side just to make sure there is backup. That sounds like a economical and workable solution. Didn't know MT devices had Hotspot supports. Good to know. Thanks for the direction. For 200 concurrent users, a MT750UP will be sufficient?

@GeorgK85 - Thanks for the Miraki idea. Knew about it. Its sure an elegant solution, but it doesn't come really cheap. I mean, good things are not cheap, I know, but it might be a bit overkill for a project like this. But still, I'll keep it in mind.
shaf81Author Commented:
@Temody -
Which Mikrotik Router should I choose? RB750UP? or perhaps is there something better? I dont mind speding a little bit extra is I can get more value.

Also, the Outdoor Wifi AP - what's the suggestion? Ubiquiti Picostation or the Nanostation will work? Mostly it would be smartphone clients. I see the Nanostation says 15KM range - That doesn't mean a user with a smartphone 5KM away can connect to my AP SSID - or can he? What about the TX power of the smartphone then?
TemodyPickalbatros, IT ManagerCommented:
Mikrotik Router RB750GL  It would be very appropriate and adequate
it`s also 5 Port Gigabit Ethernet    Suggested price      $59.95
Outdoor AP
I suggest to use Unifi instead of Picostation or the Nanostation
Picostation or Nanostation 15KM range is in Demo mode not real work
maximum Coverage you will get with Smart Phone 100m
But with Unifi will ensure 183M Coverage
You will also benefit from linking more than one device with the same SSID using Unifi Software

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