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SBS2008 Crashed with no Backups. Can profiles be transferred?

Good Morning Gengtlemen. So i recently have been contracted to install a new Server 2012 R2 to replace  a SBS2008 server that crashed and had no backups. I know how to install this server and configure it to be a domain controller and file server. My question is this.. when i install and configure the new domain/server, even if i name it the same as the old domain/server when users, (about 30) start logging on it will start to create a new profile on each desktop because of the new SIDs obviously. Is there a new to transfer the old profiles or migrate the profiles to the new domain so i dont have to go to each machine and do the tedious task of manually transfferring and setting up the new profiles from the old ones? I know how to go about doing it manually, but is this my only option? I would prefer just to mimic the new server and set it up as the old ones along with the File Shares and do everything server side. But not sure if thats even possible. Thank again always for your guidance and support.
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I will definitely take a look thank you.
I also recommend the above option--I have used it and it works great. The other free option is to setup all users to use roaming profiles but for this option to work they would have had to use roaming profiles on the crashed server and you would have to transfer those profiles to the new server for each user.
Awesome information thank you. I will contact them for support and cost.