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Where can I find this script that's running every day backing up my DC

I inherited a domain with four old domain controllers.  When I first arrived, I saw that every day, I get this email that tells me my four old DCs were backed up and that GPOs, system states, etc was copied to a location on the DC and that anything over 14 days was deleted.  I kind of ignored this little script since I knew the four old DCs were going away and would be replaced with four new DCs.

Now the four new DCs are installed and I'm still getting this email alert AND on two of the four, the folder that is noted in the script is being created and backups are stored there.  I attribute this to me building cnames for the old DCs and pointing them to the new DCs.

BUT, I need to find out where this script is running from!  It's not in AD as a GP that I can find.  It's not on my PC running.  It's not a logon script that I can find and all of the DCs are new, so I know there is nothing on there running.

Where could this script be running from that's backing up my DCs everyday and sending an email about it?  Maybe on my backup server or something?

Thanks for any info on where I can look for this script.

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genius man!  pure genius!